Friday, 1 March 2013

Simply Observations

It is sequestration day.....finally.  The President has seven minutes reserved for the top two guys of the House, and top two of the Senate.  Seven eternity.  I'm pretty sure that one minute will be devoted to pictures taken of the show that they actually did meet.  The President will spend five minutes talking over his vision for America and he's being held back.  Senator Harry Reid will just nod his head....mostly he knows this is all a waste of time, and folks back in Nevada are fairly upset about things currently.  The two Republicans in the room will likely grin, and ask the President if he wants tax increases.....which the President will grin back and say "yes".  Everyone will pick up a White House chocolate, sip some executive roast coffee, and then exit out the side door....jumping into the car.....arriving at Ronald Reagan Airport in twelve minutes, and fly on out because it's Friday and most of the political crowd exits DC by noon anyway.

That Maxine Waters moment yesterday?  Well Representative Waters must have had the junior junior assistant doing her topics....because she got to a point where she announced one-hundred-and-seventy-million Americans would lose their jobs from sequestration.  It took about an hour for the media to ask some stupid questions and realize that is really more jobs that America has anyway, and it was just a made-up number.  So Representative Waters then came back....announcing she was wrong, and it was just 700k jobs, which is an awful lot less.  But sadly, she really can't point to anyone who has lost their jobs yet.

This Bradley Manning-kid that the Army is prosecuting for releasing thousands and thousands of government intelligence reports?  Well....yesterday, he decided to come clean and just admit a number of things.  Toward the end....he said this was all because he felt the Army had gotten itself into the business of killing and capturing the enemy.  He said....he just didn't feel this was right, and then he said these actions of his were supposed to trigger a internal debate in America about this big problem.  I just sat there....thinking....when you usually drag the Army or Marines into some mess.....if you expected anything less than killing and capturing.....then you have the wrong crowd.  This kid is mostly an in some imaginary world where you believe elves, vampires, and polite Islamic Jihadists.

They did a poll, and then announced that barely six percent of the population really has a great trust of the news media.  Six folks out of a hundred.....who put a fair amount of trust into what the news journalists say.  Then the poll guys came to discover that only ten percent of Americans admit that they get most of their daily news from a newspaper.  You could almost refer to this crowd as the dinosaur crowd....because it is so few.

Finally, Colorado is meeting and still working on the marijuana tax deal.  You'd think it'd be a quick thing, but they are working various ways to tax marijuana.  The logic is that this tax ought to be big enough to bring tons of money in.....but low enough that the grower still makes a profit, and the deal is still less than illegal marijuana.....brought in via Mexico or Canada.  For you weed just means that you won't find this cheapo stuff that you always dreamed of.....when pot would be legal.  That was all a fantasy.