Thursday, 7 March 2013

The Delay Game

Florida is working up this interesting bill.  If you want to buy a weapon or ammo.....and you want to take item immediately  then you should have completed an anger management course.  Otherwise, you have to wait three days to get your ammo, or gun.  Naturally, just taking one such anger management course for the rest of your life would not be'd have to repeat it every ten years.

The odds of it passing in Florida?  It's not clear.  Several legal experts have commented that it might be challenged, if passed, and then thrown out by the Florida State Supreme Court, or by US federal court system.

The idea here is that if we could teach people the proper way to react to situations.....then they wouldn't be so quick to shoot someone.  They'd stand there with the robber....discuss the matter for two or three about through various techniques that the anger management guy discussed, and wait for the robber to shoot first.

The problem with this logic is that when you combine booze and drugs in some fashion....a hundred anger management classes don't matter.  Then you toss in the mentally unstable folks, who could sit through a thousand anger management courses, and it wouldn't matter.

Personally, if this was such a great idea....why couldn't we mandate that you had to take a financial affairs class, before you went and borrowed $250k to buy a house?  Why couldn't we mandate you take a defensive driving class.....before you renewed your licences?  Why couldn't we mandate a safe farming class every five years for farmers?  Why couldn't we offer a safe drinking class for all college students before the first day of school?

There's a list of things that ought to be coupled up to this.....if it made sense.  But obviously, we aren't going to be that smart.

I'm going to take a pretty good guess on this....that most gun shoot victims in Florida....come from some robbery attempt.  Would anger management help?  Probably not.

It's an interesting topic, and probably will spend an entire day on the front page of every single Florida newspaper....but otherwise, it'll just drift away after a humble opinion

The End of the Truce?

It kinda made page one news for maybe four hours, and then got pushed back pretty quick.

North Korea now says the truce between the US and North Korea....intact since 1953 (sixty years this year) now out.

Officially, by North Korean standards....we are back at war.

So far, no one much at the White House has said much.  This sequestration is still bothering the big guys, and frankly, there's about sixty major topics in front of the truce being terminated (to include global warming, the President golf episodes, the NCAA March madness selections, the TV show Bible on the History Channel, selection of the Pope, and blizzard reports).

I would imagine that North Korea probably has forty or fifty spies spread throughout the United States and send back reports each week.  It probably gets back to the big one knows much of anything on North Korea.  If you asked about the 1953 war.....folks keep referring to it as "Nam", which is mostly a sign of confusion by Americans.  I'm guessing North Korea is all upset about not being noticed.

Should we worry?  Well....1953 was a long time ago, and to be one on either side can say much over how the war started.

The folks over at Fox News and MSNBC really don't want the war....because then we'd get off political topics.

The folks with the Washington Post and New York Times don't want the war....mostly because it'd confuse the public at a time when sequestration is supposed to confuse public.

The UN and EU folks don't want the war....because they got enough to worry about with Haiti still recovering from it's earthquake, and those evil Microsoft guys running loose.

You can't find anyone much except the North Koreans who want to end the truce.

What should we do?  If there ever was a time to hire Lindsay Lohan for a national post.....this is it.  Hire the gal....give her as much booze and meth as she wants, and send her to negotiate long-lasting peace with North Korea.  Put a film crew with her....and televise this as reality TV on the History Channel.

My Neighborhood

Over the last couple of months....thanks to the internet and the Metro forum....folks have come to realize that we have this female scammer in the DC area....that walks up to you in the public transit areas.....talking up how she's lost her money and needs money to return home.  Typically, we aren't talking about $3.....but more likely a hundred or one-hundred-fifty bucks.

There's always some story to this.  You are in the tunnel and about to hit the turn-stile area.  There's an ATM machine nearby.  The gal approaches you.  There's a woeful tale that takes about a minute to tell.  She's is broke-down.  Her daughter is sick or in the hospital.  She needs rail fare and taxi money.

Enough folks have commented on this chat realize that it happens over and over.

I'm taking a guess that she probably does it twenty times a day and probably pulls in at least $200 on a good day....mostly looking for innocent or naive folks.  You could almost make this into a full-time job....with no taxation involved....just cash.

The cops?  They never have much interest in this.  You can't charge a person with much of a crime.  Other than some misdemeanor....there's not much you can except she has no ethics about what she does.

One of those odd things about living in the DC area.