Friday, 8 March 2013

Just Observations

First, up in New York City....the community college system run by the says that approximately eighty percent of the kids graduating from high school....can't read.  They are testing and then requiring the young punks to take a remedial course before they can take real college classes.  Added up....that's around eleven thousand punks who can't start to college on day one....because they really can't perform at the level expected.  The kids even admit that after the remedial activity....they now realize that they just weren't up to the speed required.  What's this say?  Basically....we need to admit high school is just a lower school activity, and maybe offer up another entire year of it the thirteenth year....for young punks who want to go off to college or university.  The bigger question is....what exactly are we teaching for the last three years of high school?  You have go and attend classes, take tests, and graduate....but what exactly are you getting from the teachers?

I don't normally pay attention to this Justin Bieber kid.  Over the last couple of days....he's been in London....getting prepared for concerts.  For some odd reason, he's been wearing a GI-issue gas mask.  He won't explain why....but when he leaves the hotel....he's wearing this thing.  Well....he shows up last night at the concert hall, and getting prepared to sing...walks out on the stage, and collapses.  They rush him off to the hospital....give him some oxygen....testing him to see what the heck is going on.  Here's deal....having done the gas mask routine for the Air Force period of my life. You really have to suck in air and blow out make the dang gas mask work.  You aren't getting as much oxygen as you really need....if you are walking around or performing some physical action.  My advice....dump the mask asap.

Some scientists are now thinking....Karl the Neanderthal dude....eventually died off because he hunted down all the big-game animals....and just never adapted to smaller game (in particular, rabbits).  The scientists have found significant evidence of a rabbit population, but when they go to the caves and look for rabbit bones when Karl and his buddies would have thrown them....they just aren't there.  Some of the scientists want to believe that Karl and the Neanderthal population died off eventually because they just couldn't adapt to a new world developing around them.  They hunted down all the big-game.....and basically starved themselves because they wouldn't accept change.

Finally, from CBS News out in Denver.....a drug-testing company out in Colorado says.....since they passed the pro-marijuana law....more kids are smoking weed, and smoking more frequently.  In the old days (a year or two ago)....when you had a 'hot' kid (a weed smoker)....his THC levels were way down...near 50.  That was mostly an acceptable level.  Now, these high school kids are showing up....doing the drug test, and popping 500 to 800 on the THC levels.  In the real world....that would be the stoner-level.  Hoping to be able to concentrate in high school classes?  Forget it.  What happens?  I'd make a guess that around ten percent of the Colorado high school kids will be lucky to finish high school at this rate, and basically end up staying in Dad's house for the next forty years....maybe delivering pizza as a part-time job, and not worried about anything much in life, while smoking some four-star weed.