Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Zombie Thing

Around a year ago....I sat and watched my first episode of the Walking Dead....the zombie TV series off AMC.  To be honest, it was an unusual script and after one episode....I was hooked.  I went back to episode one, and got myself caught up.

If you look at the statistics for Sunday nights when each new episode comes on....Walking Dead is getting huge numbers.  Between them and whatever the History Channel puts up....they are destroying the big three networks for the evening.

The basic scenario?  A zombie virus has arrived and destroyed civilization in America.....fairly quick.  These redneck folks have banded together and survived.  Course, along the way....about every other episode....someone new drifts into the group, and one of the original folks gets whacked off.

For survival strategy....their thing has been to find a prison and turn it into a temporary home.  I personally would have picked a boat and just anchored it in the middle of some river.  I'd feel safer that way.

The curious thing is that the zombie show is really attracting a major audience, and the big three networks are just standing there in shock.  They never expected a regular cable TV channel to beat them in the ratings game.  And the mere idea of zombies beating Sixty Minutes or Once Upon a's just silly that such a thing could happen.

So we are left to a show where a dozen-odd folks are fighting off zombies each a soap-opera like setting.....and pretty much enjoying the story-line.  Yeah, it doesn't make much sense in the end.....I admit.