Tuesday, 12 March 2013

New TV Show?

Spring is usually when the big three networks start to put together the new hopefuls for the fall TV season.  This is when you get a chance to notice the good, the bad, and the really bad.

NBC has decided to pick up on this idea of a modern Hatfields and the McCoys....a dramatic piece...to be done in Pittsburgh.  Forget about the Kentucky and West Virginia angle.

The basis of the whole show?  Some murder has occurred, and triggered this family feud.  Yes, in modern 2013, a family feud with blood to be spilled.

If the series lasts longer than four episodes....it'll shock me.  The problem with these idea guys....they just throw some idea on the table and some executives like the sound of it.  You can figure there's forty decent ideas floating around a sea of five hundred lousy ideas.  And so you get stuck with the Hatfields and McCoys.

Now, if they wanted to make this interesting....have a series called Mr Hatfield-McCoy...about a wussy guy who marries up with some Kentucky wildcat lady and takes her last name to his.  Yeah, it'd be a comedy of sorts....with some California guy learning the fine art of hunting, fishing, and moonshine.  Course, I don't get to mingle with the network executives much, and it just won't go anywhere.

Simply Observations

Some economical experts in Europe are reaching a conclusion that unemployment with youth....between the ages of 15 and 25....is so bad in some countries (Greece, Spain, Ireland, etc).....that they are thinking of a "youth employment guarantee"....where the government would offer up a guaranteed job for four months after you graduate from school.  It'll be discussed this week at a EU meeting.  Billions at stake?  Probably so.  You can imagine the scenario....Joe graduates from some university and finds that the market really isn't looking for a art major, so the government steps in and gives Joe a fake job for 120 days to help make him feel good.  He'll likely show up at some city or county office and simply offer art advice....mostly worthless....to the local folks.  Yeah, it's pretty much a waste of money, but they have to show they are doing something and it's the best they can do.  Call it a bold new fake world.

This whole secrecy to the Pope-choosing business has reached a new level.  Local Rome cops are installing a jammer device to ensure none of the Cardinals in attendance can use a hidden cellphone to talk to folks on the outside while they are in seclusion to pick the new guy.  Why a Cardinal would want to talk to outsiders during this episode....is a mystery to me....unless they are idiots and can't figure out who to vote for.

If you can imagine this....Matt Lauer reached a point last year....seeing how dismal things were becoming....that he was suggesting to the Today Show management to rehire Kathy Couric.  It would appear...for a day or two....they were considering the idea and then realized how expensive the Matt and Couric team could become, and then just plain refused.  It could have been a pretty interesting combination....for a week or two....before folks lost interest and just went back to the Fox Morning Show.

Finally, the AAA guys went out and asked for numbers from the DC city government....how many parking tickets they are issuing per year and how much they make....off parking fines.  The amount?  Ninety-two million dollars.  An amazing amount of money.  There were 1.8 million tickets issued in 2012.  You can figure roughly four hundred tickets per hour....at the very least from this deal.  DC is an area of roughly seven by seven miles, and you have to wonder just how many people they have on the parking ticket force (this didn't come out of the report).  I'd be guessing at least two hundred people who do this full-time....probably at least fifty operating on weekends....and maybe even a dozen folks working the night-shift.  It's a tremendous amount of money.