Monday, 25 March 2013

TV: Sunday Night

I sat last night and watched three outstanding shows, which is shocking that they'd all occur in one evening.

First, came the NCAA game with Florida Gulf Coast College just plain beating the heck out of San Diego State.  Being rated 15th....really didn't matter for FGCC.  They could have beaten half the teams in the NBA last night, with a bunch of left-overs from the NCAA signing episode.  A guy could really wish on them going into the final game of the conference.

Second, came the Bible series...episode four.  I am a History Channel freak and they do screw up a number of historical things, and slip bigfoot and aliens occsaionally into the picture.  But the series is doing quiet well.

Finally, came the Walking Dead.  Merle's chance to shine came.  As much as I hated the character back when he got introduced.....his bitter ending was four-star in nature, and he was the hero as far as I'm concerned.

If you notice....I didn't mention any of the big three networks.  Yeah....they are least in my book.