Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Simply Observations

Not that I ever watched Buck Wild on MTV.....but things came to a halt this week....as one of their chief reality stars died.  The guy was out drinking heavily with folks, got into four-wheel drive vehicle....and eventually just plain stuck, with the exhaust deep into the mud.  So the fumes got into the cabin, and the drunks in the cabin all died.  A guy from Bama would state something obvious but it's best just to let the guy pass on, get buried, and then be forgotten.

This war business with North Korea is an thing.  You have a 1950's style military organization that could probably hold up for thirty days against France, and maybe twenty days against Japan.  But the US?  You have to figure it's a nine-day war at best, and then someone actually gets to be a loser this time around instead of the way that things worked in the 1950s.  Most of the North Korean soldiers will be shocked as they head south....find Pepsi machines on each block, and almost every twelve-year old kid has a cellphone.  I just don't see this being a glorious end-all event.

We've got this oddball couple here in Virginia, who got arrested by the local cops, for what they suspect are connections to 77 different local and suspicious fires.  Cops aren't saying much and no motives are laid out.  If they can prove the seventy-odd fires....they are going to a state jail for decades, not years.

Doctor Benjamin Carson is an odd character to go and pick on.  When you have a guy who grew up in a one-parent home....with a mother who never got past the third-grade.....and somehow used every single educational opportunity possible to get somewhere in life.....it's pretty much a waste of time to do an argument against the guy.  He knows the slant on life.  You don't go anywhere or achieve anything....on dumb luck or lame educational achievements.  He's proven somethings that most folks don't want to discuss in public.

Finally, there's this odd piece in the news about forcing folks with guns....to have insurance. By attaching insurance companies into the fray, you start to churn up more business, more expensive rates for high-shooting areas, and create bold new opportunities for lawyers to yank on money trees.  If you get into a circumstance where you get shoot by someone, the $250k insurance policy will be milked almost immediately  and you as the shooter, will find the company unwilling to accept you as a client anymore.  You can imagine talking to Randy (your insurance agent), and him suggesting your yearly rate is now $900 a year for the three guns you maintain.  Who would be stupid enough to pay $900?  But why stop there?  Why not a $75 yearly insurance policy for owning hammers?  Why not a $300 yearly insurance policy for owning a lawn-mower?  How about a $10,000 policy for folks who own a fancy 18th century sword?  This could be a big problem for folks to figure insurance on a yearly basis.  We might even have to require insurance for butter knives.

An Odd Political Group

In the last two years....as Greece kinda slid from one position to another, always downward....there was this oddball political party which kept picking up voters.  The Golden Dawn Party.....is now the third largest political party of Greece.  Their angle of politics?  Nazis.   Yes, pure and simple Nazi politics in 2013.

The curious thing is that in the last couple of months.....journalists have noted that wherever there are Greeks....even outside of Greece....the Golden Dawn Party is appearing.  This includes countries like Germany, Canada, and even the US.

The growth?  Well....the best you can say is that Greeks feel betrayed by all the financial screw-ups and the lack of help from other countries.  It's kind of like the feeling of Germany in the 1920s.

What would Hitler say?  I'm guessing he'd be surprised that massive growth like this occurred in Greece. It wasn't one of those countries that you'd expect something like this.

Expansion beyond Greek society?  That's the next question.  If they showed up in some Greek community in New Orleans.....could they interest the locals?  This, you just don't know.  With the various political games being played out in the US, and hostile nature now of the public.....you could see ten percent of the US population drifting over to their political agenda.

In the end.....Nazis, on the rise again.