Sunday, 7 April 2013

Things That Kinda Bother Me

Once in a while, I'll gather up these dozen-odd things that kinda bother me, and toss them over onto a blog.

This name "Redskins" debate.  Up here in the DC abundance of folks are upset about the use of Redskins.  It bothers them.  The football team used to be losers.  In the last year or two....suddenly, they've gathered up the right players and actually are a contender.  You'd think that folks would worry more about the season, but lately, it's this name....Redskins.  They believe it's terrible that you slander the Indians in such a way.  Do they know any Indians?  They just know it's a bad thing.  Would the owner rename the team?  Not for a billion dollars.  He knows that this is all pretty much a fake argument, that will consume the court system and probably get all the way to the Supreme Court one day.  Personally, I think it's pretty stupid to argue about this.  But folks have little to worry about apparently.

The word is out that private neighborhoods and communities....are signing up private security folks in significant numbers....because the regular police is being cut (budget issues).  No one is saying much except they think they need it.  The truth is that it's a practice that cost less than regular cops, and if you catch the private security goofing fire him (something you can't do to a regular cop).  It bothers me that this is a better solution than with hiring more cops. But the regular cops have made such a mess of the budget and hiring side....this is the only solution.

The cops have finished up and finally published a list of everything they found in the Newton house that the Lanza family lived in.  There were still 1,600 rounds of ammo there (unused).  The kid didn't even take that.  Another two rifles were there (he didn't have a reason to use them apparently).  At least nine knives were noted, along with a seven-foot long spear, and a couple of Japanese Samurai swords.  The anti-gun folks apparently didn't have much fear of the spear, the swords  or the extra knives.  I can imagine the whole episode at the school.....if he'd take the Samurai swords instead, and slaughtered the same number of folks.  We'd have a massive rush to halt the sale of fancy Japanese swords and Presidential comments made over the terrible threat of Samurai Swords.'d think that. Wouldn't you?

I've gotten to a point where I just barely can watch the Sunday Talk Show episodes.  It just seems like a bunch of wannabe idiots show up some slant on politics, and half of what they say....doesn't amount to much.  It's like having minor league baseball coaches on and discussing the art of chewing tobacco.  After a while, there just isn't much else to say.