Monday, 15 April 2013

The Hot-Dog Guy

One of the dozen-or-so restaurants in Tucson, Arizona that I got addicted my years there....was the Wienershnitzel hot-dog place.

For a five-star hot-dog, with extra relish and some fine chilli over it....this was the place to go.

Over the weekend....John Galardi died.  It wouldn't really matter much because no one much has ever heard his name.  He's the guy that developed the idea of Wienershnitzel hot dog stands, and pushed them out over twenty-odd states.

No, there are none in Bama.  The closest that you might find is in Louisiana.

The thing about this's not brilliant or such.  This is simply a guy who noted that great hot-dogs cost more than average hot-dogs.  People are willing to pay more....and travel further, just to find the right mix.
Oh, and the corn dogs?   It's the only place in America that makes real state-fair type corn dogs.   Note, they are loaded with fat and sodium, but go great with spicy mustard.

An Awful Rocky Uneven Deep Pit of a Trail

When this immigration bill appears this week from the 'gang of eight''s going to lead to some various comments and ill feelings....from all sides.

What I thought was funny....going over the Sunday commentary of the 1,500-page bill....was that no one would get any kind of chance for citizenship....for ten years as a minimum.  A number of things had to happen.  If you wanted into the had to stand up and admit you were already in the country back at the end of 2011.  This means any fancy ideas from idiots to rush in now....gets them nowhere.

What would an illegal get?  Just a piece of paper allowing you to work here....legally....paying US taxes, and social security.....and totally ineligible for Obama-care or welfare.  You can finally show some card to the boss and demand minimum wage....which he either pays or tells you to move on while he hires another new fresh illegal (the likely result in fifty percent of all cases today).

For those who've been around for ten to twenty might not be such a bad idea.  They've had patience, and they've been quietly working.  The vast majority....probably over ninety percent....have been law-abiding people.

If you tried to say it was a trail or pathway to citizenship....this would be an awful long and torturous path.  It'd be like telling a guy to drive from Mobile to Chicago......via Nebraska.  A guy with patience.....might be willing to drive all the way to make this trip successful.  A lesser man, with no patience....would just laugh and say no way.