Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Lessons of the Week

After you sit and review the stuff in Boston, you come away with some lessons.

First, it only take a little bit of brain-washing to get some kid who grew up in America to be all happy and gleeful over killing innocent men, women and children.  These two idiots weren't capable or rational enough at their youthful age to ask stupid questions or just things right away.

Second, the Boston cops have readily proven that there's not reason why you shouldn't have a AR-15 rifle or any assault rifle around, with magazines capable of holding thirty rounds.  You can't readily depend on the cops, and you can't speculate or guess when some Islam nutcase might pull up in your driveway.  Five to ten rounds....might not be enough, and you don't need to fumble around with a second magazine of ammo.

Third, digital cameras ought to be at every single sports event in least forty in every stadium.

Fourth, when some idiot mayor or police chief has said a nutcase is in your neighborhood, and then eight hours later....says it's ok to walk out and do regular stuff, but they haven't caught the guy yet.....common sense ought to dictate that they are fools.

Fifth and final, the sad truth is that you can't be safe anywhere.  You could be at some soccer game, a political rally, a circus, or even a church meeting.....and have some nut show up to cause harm.


Most of the Boston bombing episode is now done.  After fifteen different directions on the culprits....we had the right picture, and then the right names, and tonight.....have ended their path in life.

The best description of the two young men?  Losers.

They came to America in their youth, and we offered them opportunity.  They attended good schools.  They lived in comfort.  They had family support.  They avoided trouble as kids.  You could have written a decent book over both young men in thirty or forty years, and how they took advantage of life in America.

In this case, they had this anchor around their neck.....their religion, and it basically meant doom for themselves and innocent Americans who never even met them.

Their religion used them like pawns in some game.

Their religion treated them like losers, and told them every opportunity taken in life....was you need to kill...maim...destroy, and prepare to die in some religious ritual where everything is wonderful in the next life.

Wannabe journalists will spend hours upon hours on TV for the next week trying to explain this.  But the honest truth?  Two young losers, who were taken by their religion, and used to destroy lives.  Nothing more.