Wednesday, 1 May 2013

What I Learned

I learned to laugh at the simplicity of life from watching the Andy Griffith Show.

I learned to respect natural living hazards in life by watching Steve Irwin's nature show.

I learned basic law by watching Perry Mason and Matlock.

I learned decision-making by watching Captain Kirk and Captain Picard from Star Trek.

I learned how to split hairs on law by watching Matt Dillon on Gunsmoke.

I learned a country view of life by watching Jed and Jethro on the Beverly Hillbillies.

I learned the personal aspects of the American dream by watching Green Acres.

I learned dedication by watching Band of Brothers.

I learned the greatest thing about life....might be nothing watching Seinfeld.

I learned the meaning of a bad watching the Sopranos.

I learned how to slant the meaning of a story by watching CNN.

I learned how to see through the haze of life and it's fog, by watching South Park.

I learned the true meaning of office work by watching the Office.  I also learned that good farm up-bringing (Dwight) could lead onto a very successful life.

I learned by watching Mr Bean....that you really don't have to say much in life, to get a point across.

I learned by watching WWE wrestling, that you can do an awful lot of fake stuff, and just pretend to be whomping on someone.

I learned by watching Matt and the gang on the Today Show....that most soccer moms are actually pretty dimwitted.

I learned by watching MacGyver, that you really just need a Swiss Army knife to survive in life.

I learned by watching Piers Morgan from CNN that you can be marginally competent, makes millions, and be regarded as mostly a successful failure.

I learned by watching Hee Haw.....that a good joke might only involve some Indian guy by a waterfall.

I learned by watching the doctors on House, MD.....that you could die from 466,329 different ailments, and that things are pretty stacked against you.

I learned by watching the Vikings on the History Channel....that life was pretty rough back in the old days and there just weren't many vegetarians.

I learned by watching hour after hour of dinosaur shows on the History Channel, that my sixth and seventh-grade science teacher left out a good bit of science.

It would seem that I've learned a good bit of stuff....mostly by accident.

Just Observations

The Kaiser Family Foundation did some national poll....which roughly said that four of every ten Americans are unaware that ObamaCare is actual law.  Ten percent of folks said that it'd been overturned by the Congress, and roughly seven percent felt it was tossed out by the Supreme Court.  Polls are odd things....if you asked the same folks about aliens and UFOs....twenty-five percent would have said they believed in them.  So it's hard to place this story in the context of real life activities.

At some point in 2012, Saudi Arabia apparently told the US that this dead Boston Islamic terrorist.....was a major problem, and they just weren't going to allow him to visit Meca on some visa.  If this response had gone to the Alabama state police, or the Texas Rangers.....there probably would have been some undercover activities done, and something found to put the guy into jail for at least a year or two.  Sadly, the Saudi report appears to have gone onto the State Department or FBI.

It's come out here in DC....that the city fire department has a couple of guys as firemen.....who drive 300 miles (one-way) to work.  That's roughly four hours to get to work.  The mayor, I suspect, is a bit irked by this.  He wants to run 12-hour shifts, and not the current twenty-four hour shifts.  Right now, a guy comes in.....pulls a twenty-four hour shift every four days for a pay-check.  Me personally?  I can't imagine any idiot desiring to drive four hours away.....getting off work, and driving another four hours to get home.

Sadly and finally, we have a court battle brewing in Bama.  The state guys wrote up this law, which basically says that teeth-whitening applications.....can only be done by a licensed dentist.  About six years ago....some gal came up to start a business....just whitening folk's teeth.  Course, she wasn't a dentist.  Naturally, this got into all kinds of legal trouble, with a cease-and-desist letter sent to her.  So it's in court.  What is being shown in court is a list of states who allow spas to operate and perform teeth whitening as part of their general services.  They want the court to throw this stuff out.  In my gut.....I get the feeling that the state dental association is probably counting on various state senators to hold hard and fast....ensuring that only a dentist can apply the teeth whitening stuff.  Kinda funny on how we use up court space and man-hours....just over teeth-whitening discussions.