Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Neighborhood

Here in DC....over the past couple of months....the old discussion of the use of the name...."Washington Redskins"....has come back up.

A number of political factions are pushing on this.  The Redskins owner and management team won't even discuss this matter in public because they are completely concreted to the Redskins.  So the tone used is mostly racist now.

This week....we had some political player who suggested (he's from the DC city council) that the new name should be the Redtails (in honor of a black WWII flying squadron).  Most of the true fans of the team....don't want to see any changes because they've got tons of Redskins junk around the house.

So I sat and pondered over this.

We could call them the Red-Butts.  We could call them the Red Men.  We could call them the Red Fog.  We could call them the Red Lightning.  We could call them the Red Dogs.  We could call them the Red Forever.  We could call them the Red Giants.

I'm guessing that the owner is getting a bit testy over the DC chatter and the involvement of the political figures.  The mayor has been on a mission the past draw the team actually back into the district (they currently play and operate out of Maryland).  I'm guessing that he really doesn't want this talk to be going on and it might upset his grand plan of bringing the money machine back into DC.

The ultimate solution?  I could see Arlington quietly walking into the mess....finding square footage along the waterfront, and offering up a deal to build a stadium for the Redskins.  No, in Virginia....we wouldn't really care about any name business.  I suspect the DC mayor is aware of that potential.

It's a comical thing.  With all the crime, the murders, the corruption, the greed....the name of the football team is actually a major topic.  It kinda shows how bad things have gotten.

Simply Observations

It's come to pass on Frontier Airlines....that they now want to charge you for coffee, tea, sodas, etc.  Course, this will just make folks sneak their own drinks onboard that they bought at Wal-Mart and the TSA folks will have a stink about liquids coming through.  Oh, and Frontier also wants to end free carry-on baggage.  Ever since they all went to $25 a bag for checked-in stuff....folks just quit dropping bags off.  I'd make a guess that the baggage bay of an average plane is half-full at best.  Folks lug their stuff into the cabin and do it freely.  Well....Frontier wants to charge $25 for a carry-on.  My humble guess is that if FEDEX was smart, and created a $10 shipping fee to get your bag to a hotel somewhere....they'd make tons of money in the future, and just run some truck out of the front of airports for pick-up of luggage.

Some history guys have been sniffing around Jamestown.  If you remember, in the first year or two....those folk suffered awful badly in the winter of 1609.  Well....there's strong hints of cannibalism.  It would seem that folks got hungry enough....that they sent someone off into the woods in search of firewood....then hunted them down....carved them up....and got enough meat to survive for a while.  It's a pretty harsh story to tell, and I'm pretty sure that high school teachers aren't going to dare touch this story for several decades.

California woke up and realized that 39,000-odd guns in the state....are owned by folks who do not qualify to own them (prison episodes, domestic violence situations, mental nuts, etc).  For the most part, they already had laws on the books to say that these folks couldn't have guns.  Yet, they still owned around 40k weapons in the state. So the state legislature passed another law (layer upon layer).  This new law would send agents out to confiscate the weapons (yeah, they already had a law that would work upon each particular group).  The only new thing?  They put $24 million into this hire a couple hundred guys....probably temporary actually go door-to-door and take away the weapons.  You can imagine the chaos next week.  Thousands of folks will call the cops and report their weapons stolen....just gone.  Cops will come to the former felon's house....looking for their gun, and it just ain't there.

It is true....Senator Harry Reid has more or less admitted in public....that unless the federal government finds more money and spends it....the Obama HealthCare program will not succeed.  We may very well wake in 2016 and realize that the whole program has dissolved into nothing much, because it just didn't have the hundreds of billions pumped into it to succeed.  And then what?

Finally, not to brag or such....but Ford is adding two thousand more guys onto the F-150 production line.  America is buying the truck more than ever, and Ford is sitting on a gold-mine.  And behind the curtain?  The Ford F-100 is quietly going to come back and probably enjoy a huge surge as well.