Monday, 6 May 2013

My Draft Quitting Notice

I wrote up my draft quitting notice today....this is version 1.0.  To be honest, I don't think there's much to add.  I showed it to one associate, who gave me a five-star rating. When do I give it?  Probably next them five weeks of notice.

The text:

I've decided with 1,205 days, that I've reached maximum capacity for my job here. I can drag this dead-horse no more. As of this date, I will be quitting on 28 June. 

I will out-process the morning of 28th (Friday), and take the following week as leave. I request no citation, no ceremony, no luncheon, no coin, and no plaque.

In the culture of the Sioux nation, and management world, when you discover that you are riding a dead horse, it's advisable to dismount. I dismounted about a year ago, but instead, kept dragging the dead horse down the trail. I've decided to completely dismount, leaving this behind, and put as much distance between me and the dead horse. Adios.

All in the Story

There are great movies, and there are great actors....but occasionally, it's the script or the way the movie is written....that makes it far better than you'd desire.  So here is my list of the best ten written movies of all time.

- Do the Right Thing.  It's an odd movie that has various twists and turns....which any one of them could have gone onto being a positive end.  But none of the twists go that way, and it's a fairly creative movie by the end.

- Forest Gump.  Frankly, you just can't believe the turns in this movie.  But, things in Bama actually occur like this.

- The Producers.  Mel Brooks turns this into a five-star movie and everyone looks ten times better than they could possibly act.

- What's Up, Doc?  It's a rare piece that just continues on and twist with various plots.

- The Philadelphia Story.  It's an old movie and requires some of the best actors of the 1930s to accomplish the telling of this story.  But the story evolves into something else about every eight minutes.

- Groundhog Day.  There are around five hundred plots at work in this movie, and you just sit in awe of each little story told, retold, and retold again.

- Doctor Strangelove.  Peter Sellers probably takes one of the best stories possible, and goes to the absolute maximum in acting.....and makes you believe each twist and turn.

- Eternal Sunshine on the Spotless Mind.  When I came to the end and realized the whole story told....I basically had to turn around and watch the whole movie a second time.  It is an unusual story, and just keeps flipping you.

- Fargo.  It's hard to imagine a simple story....told in a simple way....goes to the extreme of story-telling.

- Cast Away.  Worth watching forty or fifty times.  And the last six minutes are worth the whole story.

Simply Observations

The funeral home that took in the Boston Islamic bomber guy.....has a problem now.  No local cemetery will take the body to bury.  One local state senator is asking the federal government to help in this mess.  I doubt in the whole state of Massachusetts now....that you could find one site to bury the guy.  Other states?  Likely to be the same issue.  I suspect by Monday night...the family will agree on flying the body all the way back to Russia.  Figure this mess to run into the seven-thousand dollar range just to transport the coffin via some Russian airline.

By the end of today (Sunday)....a number of Democrats had dumped off the administration on the Benghazi story.  The big media guys?  They are fairly screwed because they kept pretending there wasn't much of a story.  It'll be curious how the Today Show ends up playing the mess now and telling the though it just happen yesterday....but it was 'such a long, long time ago'.

Governor Bill Richardson appeared on "This Week" and proclaimed that Senator Ted Cruz (Republican from Texas)....wasn't really Hispanic enough.  If Ted had been pro-immigration, then Ted would have been Hispanic enough.  Yeah, it really is that confusing to listen to Governor Bill speak.

After all the smoke cleared out in Texas over this fertilizer plant that blew up.....the owners kinda admitted that they had only a one-million-dollar insurance policy.  Folks around there can carve that up a thousand ways, but all they likely will get is the one million.  The company?  I'm pretty sure they've already started bankruptcy paperwork, and are worthless.  The owner?  They might go after him but I imagine that he's already emptied out bank accounts and sold his house.  But here's the end-story....every single town in America that has a fertilizer plant....will be writing up rules that require a hundred-million in insurance.  And the cost?  It'll be dumped onto farmers....naturally.  They will be the ones screwed in the end.

Finally....over across the river from Montgomery County, Maryland.  Folks with kids in high school are a bit peppy this weekend.  The school system has admitted in public that roughly two-thirds of the kids who took the final exam in geometry....failed.  And between fifty and sixty percent who took Algebra 2....failed the final exam.  Even from the brighter kids (those honors kids)....roughly a third of them failed.  The cause?  No one talks much....except to say meetings are going on.  This really freaked out most parents, and the kids can't say much.  My humble guess?  Whoever wrote the books, and whoever wrote the exams....weren't the same folks.  Since they all run around with purchased books and purchased test's the only logical explanation.  As for fixing this?  Figure a bunch of summer school for kids ought not be there.  Man, from those Bama days, I'm just glad that old Mister Green wrote his own dang tests in Algebra 2, and half the test was geared to the dumbest kid in the class.