Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Foreign Student Topic

There are approximately 275,000 foreign students...at any given time....in the US and going to real college, fake college or sign up for college but then kinda sneak off.

The US federal government won't really get down to the real statistics but no one is sure about anything.

You can rig up just about any student visa....studying muffin-ology, turf management, or even get a degree in Bible-studies, and a university will sign off on your visa program easily.

This Boston bomber business has brought the topic back up, and some folks are uneasy.  They'd like to have reassurances from various colleges that they have three or four people who monitor their three hundred students weekly.  Frankly, I doubt if there's one guy for job of foreign visa applications, and he's probably got a second job monitoring Xerox copiers around the campus.

What's this leading to?  I would imagine that we might want to hold university programs liable for letting dimwits arrive and just walk off.  Maybe force them into a bond-program, or possible threaten to take a campus President into court if he can't monitor his program.  The chances of this?  Zero.

So I'm up to creating a fancy bond program.  You the foreign student....post a $50k bond.  If you screw up or overstay your deal....you forfeit the bond.  How much would the bond likely cost?  I'm guessing that it might range into the $3,000-range for a guy who comes over for three years, with a yearly maintenance cost of $350.  Some colleges might get peppy or upset about this requirement, but frankly....if they aren't doing their job....we might need to do it for them.