Wednesday, 8 May 2013

The Kidnapped Story

After this Ohio kidnapping episode, I am reminded of the episode from 2006, when a eighteen year-old Austrain girl finally escaped from her captor.....after eight years as a prisoner.

She was taken at age the street in broad daylight.  The only witness?  A twelve year-old boy, who responded to the cops and said originally that two men grabbed Natascha Kampusch.

In the the girl's own words, it was only one individual.  This his mid-30's....had gone out and found himself a house with an attached garage, which had a mechanic's bay built into it of a substantial nature.  So he quietly modified the bay, enclosing it, and kept the ten year-old kid there for eight years.

What he allowed her were books, magazines, and a radio.  Her life circled around this bare minimum.

The cops?'s interesting.  The boy gave a description of the van, which fell into the database, and there were around seven hundred of these of that color in Austria.  So the cops actually came to this guy, and asked for what he was doing, and he gave a good enough answer....never going to his house and looking for any evidence.  So he walked away from the mess easily.

The curious episode at the end?  She ended up escaping....running around the local neighborhood and asking people to call the cops.  No one....absolutely no one....called the cops.  After about five minutes of attempting to get help....she finally found one seventy-one year old gal....who got the phone and called the cops.

The guy?  Within an hour or two....he committed suicide.  End of the story.  No one in the neighborhood ever suspected anything.  Eight years....held prisoner.

What I see out of these two stories.....two characters that sat and planned this prison episode out to a fair extent.  Every detail....every arrangement....all planned.  No one....even the neighbors....ever suspected anything.

The Sense of California

To put some prospective into this.....there's been this renovation project going on in central California with the Bay Bridge.  Folks were hyper about the schedule.  It all needed to be done in time for the Labor Day opening.

Reason?  The city had all this bicycle racing, people races, walking races, etc....scheduled for the Labor Day.  There's tons of effort being poured into this mess.  Money from charity operations invested, which will pay back on sodas, ice cream, hot-dogs, and pretended-to-be-meat-but-it-isn't stuff.

They even had Governor Jerry Brown standing there three months ago....with some fancy button that would start a countdown for the grand reopening of the renovated span of the bridge.

Well....there's problems.  Cracked bolts noticed on the new span already, and the engineers are in a fearful mode.  There's something wrong.  Either bad bolts, cheap bolts, or unnecessary stress on the bolts.

The idea of delaying?  Oh, my.....the forces behind the Labor Day stuff....just don't want to hear that.  So they've been complaining to Governor Brown.  Can he do something to just fix this up and stay on schedule.

His response?  The Governor said:  “Don’t know if it’s a setback. I mean, look, shit happens.”

That probably wasn't what the locals wanted to hear.  I imagine that every two or three days.....with all the problems in California now....the Governor will repeat the phrase.  Over and over.

You get to a point as a governor of a loser state, where you just can't explain logical stuff to the best you can just say it pure and simple.

Simply Observations

Our shooter in Colorado finally decided how to go forward on the court case....he's aiming to say he's insane.  So the prosecutor's case, and the jury's to measure the craziness of this guy.  I think the case of the jury is now twice as hard than before.

It won't be in the national news, but the Air Force suspended seventeen missile launch officers....the guys  who go down into the bunker and will press the button to fire.  The cause?  Well....they did an inspection back in March, and there were some issues that came out.  A laundry list of problems fell out.  The inspectors noted that a number of missile launch officers weren't giving respect to higher officers.  They noted behavior issues.  There was a noted trend of questioning higher officers for the directions given.  The Air Force kinda admits....ever since they've had the missiles....going back to the 1950s....they've never had an episode like this.  Who filled in the gap while the boys are off?  You just doubled-up the duty on the other guys....which ought to make them awful happy, and they probably will start to question the authority of the bosses shortly as well.

Finally, somehow, the University of Alabama spent $3.4 million on attending the NCAA championship game in Florida.  The best that anyone can that 881 folks went on the trip for the university, and stayed an entire week down in a fancy hotel.  It's between 750 and 800 miles from the University to Miami....roughly a twelve-hour drive on a bus.  I doubt if they used buses....probably all 881 folks flew from Birmingham to Atlanta, and then onto Miami.  Who were the 881?  A real NCAA football team, from players and the cheerleader squad....usually makes up 150 folks.  I doubt if anyone at the university can pull out a list and vouch for who went.  We might even discover that sixteen Auburn football players accidentally got onto the list and sat on the sidelines watching it.