Thursday, 9 May 2013

White House Policy Change

Unless you're a Native American, you came from someplace else.

That was the new message coming out of the White House yesterday.  It's supposed to help sell immigration.

The problem with this that everyone....including the Indians....came from somewhere else. The best estimates are that Indians arrived somewhere between 15,000 and 35,000 years ago.

The current argument even includes new thoughts on not just Asian Indians, but Spanish Indians...who crossed over the Atlantic, and came in through the east coast.

So virtually an immigrant.  The nice thing about the Native Americans is that they just walked Republicans or Green Card....and just settled in.  They didn't ask for any benefits, or work-permit, or demand to have a driver's license.  No special voting districts.  Not even a community relations guy to drive them over to register to vote.

Maybe the Indians had it better off in those days.

But then those silly Europeans arrived and wanted to organize everything, and the country went to hell-in-a-hand-basket.

So the better quote is.....we all came from some other place.

The Space Port

Being from Bama, one is often surprised at what the legislature is doing in Montgomery.  This week....the boys are buys....working on a bill to create a Space Authority (of sorts), which would then lead onto a Alabama Space Port (ASP).

Naturally, all of this would mean appointments, determination to where to put the space port, and funding.

No one is talking much over where to put it.  I'm guessing there's some arguments going on, and some folks would like Birmingham to be the spot....some would prefer the Auburn-University area....some might even prefer Muscle Shoals.

Then we'd have to pick some guy to be the 'lead', who'd be friends of the Republican side, and he'd get appointed by the governor.  Then someone would determine some kind of tax revenue deal to fund the whole mess.

The necessity of a space port?'s best that we not discuss this part.  They may be hoping that come 2030....something might finally happen, and vehicles might launch weekly from the Bama space port.  I'm guessing the Huntsville folks would be saddled up with the technology involved, and the companies that would be tossing satellites left and right into orbit.

Old guys might marvel at this whole thing.....the very idea of Bama having a space port.  But, somewhere along the way....someone is going to eventually ask if they launch rockets....won't these rockets fall back to Bama, and likely fall on someone's barn, tomato patch, or new prized bull?  Well....yeah....but it's best not to bring this up.