Friday, 17 May 2013

The Steve Miller Show (IRS and the Questions)

I sat this morning and watched twenty minutes of the IRS Steve Miller show.  I came away with a couple of impressions.

First, you get that feeling that Andy up and left Mayberry....with Floyd and Barney in charge....for at least two years, and just having Gomer show up....would be a positive thing.

Second, this dimwit about the worst executive manager I've ever seen.  He might be suited for Piggy Wiggly in town, or maybe some pawn shop....but this guy ran IRS?  What dimwit hired him?

Third, the HR department for IRS really appears to have hired a bunch of idiot technicians for IRS, and some incompetent managers.  I'd drag each of the HR guys in, figure out the best fifty percent and let them stay.....the rest?  Let them go (they can't stay).

Fourth, you get the impression after Steve insisted five or six times....that regulations are so difficult.....that the boys at IRS can't function.'s time for the flat-tax and admit that we can't run a four-star tax agency?

Fifth, the one thing Steve just couldn't answer?  After he finds out about the mess last year (at least twelve months ago) doesn't appear that he did much of anything.  He didn't say some regrets to the screwed-over folks.  He didn't fire anyone.  He didn't rush to fix anything.  The attitude was....hmmmm, well I never knew this was happening, and then walked off to have a beer.

Sixth, and's pretty much crazy for anyone to assume that these guys could run the other side of Obama Care.  Any Senator who won't find an alternate solution....needs to be sent home.  I'd even suggest putting the management of the money stuff.....over to the National Park Service or the Arlington Cemetery guys.  IRS?  No....they are maxed out and can't be trusted for massive projects.  

A Domino of a Different Variety

Yesterday, we ended finding out that the head person in charge of the new IRS mission of running the Obama Care insurance business....was the same person in charge of the unit of IRS that held off the Tea Party 501C folks with various tactics.

That didn't sit well with a number of House members.  So they've begun work on crafting a bill, which is actually just one page.  It basically says that no member of the US Treasury....will be allowed to do anything regarding Obama Care.  No paperwork, no regulations, nothing.

My best guess is that it'll pass within four weeks.  The Senate?'s a curious thing.  Normally, you'd need sixty Senators to pass this, and the Republicans would not have enough.

But since the Supreme Court stepped in and said the whole was a tax.  A tax falls into a different category, and I believe at this point....only fifty-one Senators would need to support the same type bill.  The odds now?  I suspect you can find six or seven Democratic Senators who feel uneasy about this mess, the power of the IRS, and where this is going.  The Republicans might have 51 votes, enough to take IRS out of the loop.

How does Obama Care then function?  It's kinda like having a 2013 Ford F-150 pick-up....without four tires.  It looks nice, and the engine runs....but it never does move from spot to spot.

There's some domino's flipping over now....of a different variety 

That Strange Press Conference

I sat in the McDonalds at the Pentagon yesterday, and watched this Presidential press conference take place in the Rose Garden of the White House. It turned into a comedy of sorts.

For some reason, they decided this big meeting between the Prime Minister of Turkey, and President Obama.....ought to end with a press conference in the Rose Garden.

Weather reports for the day?  From 5AM on Thursday....all of the local weather guys said that storms would move in and out of the area....with rain, and possibly some lightning.  Even with six hours of weather advance reporting, it didn't matter....plans were plans.

So the press conference unfolded with each guy making some comments, and expecting international press to dominate the questions.  It just didn't happen.

The press attempted to target the President on the scandals.  The camera didn't show the Turkish guy much but I imagine he was just standing there and wondering just how bad things were in the US.

Then, it started raining.

The news folks weren't doing any shots of the sky but I imagine there were various storm clouds brewing, and potentially lightning in the local area.

It amazes me.....a farmer in Bama would stand there....analyze the mess, and ensure he was either in the barn or the shed, or the house....when the storm came through.  He'd brew up some coffee, pull out his newspaper, or polish up his shoes.  These guys in DC?  It's almost like they were hoping for a lightning strike and it'd take out half their reporters.

At the end, the Turkish Prime Minister likely got in his car....wondering what this whole meeting was about, make a run across the river into Virginia to shop and be happy that no one asked him any real questions at the press conference.