Thursday, 23 May 2013

Simply Observations

The cops have been digging into one of the Boston Muslim bomber guys, and it lead down to Florida.  Somewhere in the middle of an interrogation of a close friend....things went out hand, and the guy pulls some knife on a FBI guy....who promptly shoots the friend of the bomber dead.  Cops are still trying to figure out this and aren't exactly flowing with information.  Added to this....from other associates, they've found this one odd thing about the dead Muslim a boxer, he just didn't want music on as he entered the ring.  If you watch enough boxer matches.....every single boxer has music of his liking on as they enter the ring.  This guy?  He wanted focus on his very first move to take down his opponent.  That says a bit about the guy.

A California couple has this fancy idea of claiming that their yoga a religion.  So far, the judge involved....just isn't buying off on this.  It'd be hard to take me and spend an hour trying to sell me on some yoga religion.  I'm still waiting for some nutcase who is a General Motors mechanic to stand up and say his garage is really a church, and working on broke GM cars is like a religion.

When Eric Holder and crew went after this Fox News reporter.....they also went after the phone records of his parents.  You can imagine this dimwit lawyer working on this criminal investigation, and looking over a five-hour call between Mom and some neighbor gal, discussing mostly soap opera events, what Barbara Walters wore today on the View, the flavoring to Lipton Ice Tea, and the weather.  This explains why there are so many lawyers within the Justice Department.....spending hours and hours.....on projects like this.

From Monday's edition of the Washington Times.....reporters have now stumbled across Pentagon reports of male-on-male sexual assaults on the rise.  I would imagine the Administration will quietly dump this whole sexual assault topic within the military within days....if this report gets repeated.  From the statistics gathered.....there's this suggestion of possibly 14,000 male-on-male assaults per year.  That's going to freak out a bunch of Senators.

Finally, it's now been pointed out in Bama....that we have eight counties, with more registered voters....than actual population of over-age-18 residents.  One county....Lowndes County from the southern half of the state....has 119-percent of population of the county as registered voters.  How do you do that? one is sure about this.  There's some general feeling that a fair amount of dead folks are carried on the voting list....year after year, maybe even decade after decade.  Five high-school kids and some statistics guru....could sort through the voting list and resident list on one Saturday, and probably identify several thousand folks who just can't or shouldn't be listed to vote.  Course, this is Bama, and it's best not to mess up the general affairs of a county.