Friday, 24 May 2013

How the Gay Scout Change Will Go

The change is can have gays in the Boy Scouts, but no gay Scout leaders.  So I'm going to make a prediction on how things go.

First, around ten percent of the Scouts, will up and quit over the next couple of months....finding Baptist or Catholic scout-like groups to join.  Over the next eighteen months....maybe another ten percent will flip over.  You have to expect this, and no one will be upset or really say much.

The second thing is one that you will have to wait on.  Sometime in the next two years....some thirteen year-old Scout, is going to sexually assault a twelve year-old Scout on a camping trip.  Cops will be called.  Statements taken.  The thirteen year-old gay Scout will be taken off to some juvenile home.  Charges will be mounted, and some case will develop.  The parents of the twelve year-old?  They will take the Boy Scouts off to civil court for half-a-million.  Another case or two will develop over the next year....same scenario....same script.

Finally, after the court'll be hard to recruit or keep Scout groups going.  My humble guess is that half the Scout population today....will be gone in a decade.

People will ask questions but's a done deal, and it's about the only direction you could go....with public opinion as it is.

The Satellite Dude

Over the last month...out in Sacramento  California....there's this guy who has call 911....around a hundred times.  The cops and the emergency folks are a bit peeved.  They'd like to do something about this, but yanking his 911 capability isn't least not yet.

His complaint?  The guy says that satellites are passing over and sending out signals which give him pain.

The emergency guys have tried to reason with him just a regular number to call, but he's fairly insistent on using that 911 number.

The comment by this is that the government is responsible....possible even the CIA.

No one is quiet sure about how many people believe in the satellite blasting out signals to our minds in America....but you have to figure there are several hundred people as a minimum, who believe this.

Unbalanced?  Yeah....there's probably some element there of craziness.

So this brings me to this odd topic.  We didn't have any satellites in the world until the 1950s (the Russians blasted the first one into space, not the US).

Up until that point, we had crazy folks, and they had to have some complaint about something affecting them.....but the question is....what did they blame?  I would be curious to know.  Perhaps blaming AM radio signals?  Maybe blaming electrical lines?

What we need are TV advertising gimmicks to sell fancy aluminium head protectors....for $ give these folks a sense of relief.  It'd have to be shiny, with some batteries attached, and maybe a blinking light to give them a sense that it was operational.  Maybe having some musical tune coming out of the top....with a Barney tune to bring the nutcase down to a comfortable level.  Course, then they'd start to worry about fluoride or the stuff they put Mountain Dew being unpure.