Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Simply Observations

Over the weekend...that Rand Paul guy.....the Senator from Kentucky.....talked up the the tens of thousands of new medical codes that doctors would use to describe your injury.  There's actually 72 new codes added.....that have to deal with birds harming you.  I sat there and pondered over this.  You add around 120,000 more codes.  There's some guys out there (not women), who would make it a life goal to come in and tell the doctor that they got a 106641 (maybe a code for a mule kicking you), and six months later.....show up with a 106642 (maybe a code for a donkey kicking you), and then show up six months later with a 106643 (maybe a code for a shetland pony kicking you).  It'd be in their records and for some analyst in DC to identify you as having a animal-kicking problem.  This guy would openly brag about this to his buddies, and work for years on getting fifty of these codes....all related to kicking.

Some cruise-boat caught on fire again.  They had everyone in life-jackets by 2AM, and they stood around for at least an hour or two before they said they were safe enough.  Frankly, you'd have to pay me $10,000 to take a cruise now.  I'd even go on a vacation to Mexico, before a cruise.  So it brings me to this whole idea of cruises.....other than the buffet food deals.....why would a guy risk himself in such a situation?

Two Georgia hospitals looked at the approaching Obama Care business, and they've made a radical decision.  Screw the insurance guys.....make your own health insurance policy and pricing deal.  Basically, they are cutting out the whole insurance group that worked up the wording for Obama Care.  No one ever expected hospitals to be bright enough or business-like.....to run such an operation.  They guessed wrong, and these two hospitals might be proving folks wrong by summer of next year.

Finally, there is this odd story out of Arkansas.  We won't discuss the guy's name or town involved.  At some point, on a first-date with some gal.....the guy wanted to really impress her, and had some body come after him....in a fit of rage and a knife.  The hero guy grabbed the knife out of the guy's hand and made himself look good.  Well....the gal had called the cops....the cops came....and the story just didn't work very well.  It's safe to say that there might be a charge or two against the guy, and it's doubtful if the gal would ever date him again.  So, guys.....on the list of 788 things you just shouldn't ought to say or do on a first date....fake attacks is now number 789 things that you need to avoid.  Just stick with a roller-derby situation, a wrestling match, a tractor-pull, or some chick-flick that makes you misty-eyed.