Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Hasan Guy

In the next couple of days....our Fort Hood accused killer....Army Major Nidal Hasan will ask the military judge to allow him to fire his legal team and just represent himself.

By military rules, you can allow most of this, but the judge will force you to have someone at your side to explain things.

Most military folks are now standing there and viewing this court case....which is due to start in a month or being just a open forum for Hasan to create trouble on a daily basis.  He's accepted the fact that nothing good will come out of any the belief by a growing number of military folks is that it'll just be statement after statement....defending Muslims.

In the history of military court-martial....there's just not that many episodes that turned in a circus atmosphere.  The court-martial of Billy Mitchell.....might have been viewed as an organized circus, but it didn't matter....he was convicted easily in the end, and other than a movie.....that was the end of the legend.

In this one in the court is going to desire to hear much about the Muslim religion.  I imagine that the prosecutor will spend hours and hours....stopping the Major in mid-sentence and having the judge direct the statements to stop.

As for Hasan?  You could spend ten years looking for a military jury to have a favorable view for the guy, and rig in every fashion possible, and it wouldn't matter.  Hasan will be deemed guilty in the end.  The question is the punishment.  And a bunch of Army folks would prefer to just drag him off to some gun range, and allow fifty folks to fire upon the guy.

And the Army?'s a court case that you'd rather now have on nightly TV.  Thirty million Americans watched the Arias murder episode of the last four months.  It could be easily thirty million who'd want to watch this case.

My Neighborhood

If you drew a 25-mile circle around the White House in'd find around twenty hospitals in the region (DC, Maryland, and Virginia).  Eighteen of them....are sustainable.  One is a military hospital, and profits just don't exist.  And finally, there's United Medical Center in SW DC.....which is a bold failure.

The District more or less owns UMC.  Since 2007 (six years), DC has tossed more than $100 million into the facility to keep it going.  This year.....they will likely hit near $11 million.

Located across the 'other' river....the Anacosta River.....this region of DC is a place where few want to stay or move into.  If you've got really bad's best to drive out of the neighborhood there, and find some place else in DC.  The other hospitals in DC....would prefer that you kind of stay in your own neighborhood, and not become their problem.

How much free stuff does the UMC give away?  The city council doesn't really want to ask, because it's bound to be an amount that is upsetting.

The HR guy at the UMC?  I'm guessing this is a hard sell to attract any general doctors or regular nurses.  There's probably a come to UMC for a year, and we move you to a upscale place in the second year, with a pay-raise.

So it's a comedy of sorts.....people with a one-star hospital....accepting that because that's all you can have, and pumping city tax revenue into it....keeping it alive.  Only in DC.