Friday, 31 May 2013


Sometimes, I pick up a story, and it triggers the Bama in me to ponder the story.

Today, there's this oddball story involving the Catholic Church.  For those who aren't aware of it.....the Catholic guys have this belief in demons.  So because of need exorcists around.

Most guys from Bama have watched a movie or two on this.....and generally....get all peppy because it's got lots of special effects.  If you asked a Bama guy if he knew anyone with demons....the general answer is no.  They know some nutcases, but no one that you'd say for sure had demons.

The Baptist guys?  Well...they don't want to get into this discussion because they'd prefer not to believe in Demons, otherwise, you'd have to have a Catholic priest visit and dump the demon out.  Baptist ministers hate that concept. today's story, the top Catholic priest for exorcism admits that he's cast off 160,00 demons....going back to hell.  The old guy is 88 years old, and pretty feisty when it comes to this casting-off business.  In fact, he hates the fact that he has to ask the Pope or some Bishop for permission to cast-off demons.  He thinks that it ought to be purely his insight and decision.

I looked over this, and had this odd view of the business.  Well....yeah, there might be 160,000 demons sent out of 160,000 people.  But they more or less....found new folks to dump themselves into and register as a new nutcase.

He didn't really send them back to hell....they probably just flew out across the county....found some new guy, and infested him.

It would be interesting to see if the Catholic Church kept statistics on this.....infections with men more than women.  More more Democrats are infected than Republicans.  Maybe more folks from New York City infected than folks from Iuka or Shreveport.

What I often wonder is why there aren't more fake exorcism guys out there....pretending to be fake priests, and casting off demons for $699, or making sure that a family reunion is without demons present for $349.  It'd seem like a trendy business, and there's zero laws in America to forbid you from casting off least not yet.  Course, the Senate could always pick up this topic and build a 2,600-page bill to fit the occasion.

Simply Observations

This statistic of the IRS chief going to the White House 157 times in four years (more than any other cabinet officer)....really means nothing.  You could have a statistic of a guy walking into a bar 157 times over four years, and he might not have ever been drunk.  You could have a statistic of a guy walking into a one-star restaurant over four years, and never getting food poison.  You could have a statistic of a guy walking into a classroom 157 times over four years, and never learning anything.  Yeah, it doesn't mean much.....except he probably did drink a heck of a lot of White House coffee.

There's some smart guys who did this survey....the American Legislative Exchange Council.  What they came to discover oddly.....was that if you lived in a red state (one of those that voted against Democrats).....your economic conditions of the state were better than a blue state.  Now, before you run out and get all have to realize there were fifteen things they were observing, and some red states had negatives (lower cost of living was generally accepted, and lesser infrastructure is likely to be one other result).  Course, if you live in a blue state, and were looking for a reason to leave, this research might be enough.

Starbucks started a new policy now.  No smoking with twenty-five feet of the front door.  Enforceable?  Well....unless they hire up some Starbucks  It's like Hooters guaranteeing all beautiful women in their sounds nice on paper, but it's not likely to be true.

Virginia cops are at a loss to explain this episode.  Here at a local Costco.....they had a Philippine gal who was a demonstration person in the story, and went wacko.  The general description by observers is that she had a knife in her hand was really acting strange....they called the cops, and the cops arrived to view the situation.  Standing a fair distance from the gal....they first talked to her....with no results.  Then they used their fancy shooting-taser with no positive results.  They then fired their gun.  Normally, a taser will take down almost all mortal men.  No one in the police force can explain why the little gal didn't go down....except that maybe drugs were involved.  Why no one had pepper spray.....hasn't been explained.  I suspect the local cops will let this guy who fired the gun just walk away from the force, and hope that no newspaper brings this up much.

Finally, the Tesla car guys have come out with a master plan to put 'filling' stations around the nation to help their car owners make national trips. The problem is....after you view that you really need to plan to run from one metropolitan city to another.  For Bama?  One station in Mobile.  Arizona?  As long as you hang around Tucson, Phoenix, and ought to be ok....but the other seventy-five percent of the state?  Forget it.  Maybe by 2025....there might be a fill-up station every hundred miles on the interstate system across America.