Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Jinn

This will take a moment to bear with me.

In the Catholic world.....there are demons and exorcism rites.  For a just don't take this lightly.  Some might joke occasionally, but they tend to believe in this stuff.

So, in the Muslim world.....there's this thing called the Jinn.

A Jinn is a spirit of sorts.  Could be good....could be bad....could be indifferent.  To the Muslim folks....there are three creations of God: humans, angels, and the Jinns.

A Jinn can be actually physical in nature....touching people and causing things to happen.

Jinns have this funny privilege of existence....they may worship as they desire.  They don't have to follow the Muslim religion. It's generally said that when rapture occurs....even the Jinns will have to account for what they've done over their entire lifetime (a hundred or a thousand years).  Yeah, they could be sent off to hell....if they've done some serious wrongs.

A Jinn can sit peacefully and simply observe life.  A Jinn can walk in and shake the foundations of the Muslim religion, if he or she desires such.

Why does this any of this matter?

Well....there's a Twitter account that's been created.....within Saudi Arabia.  And the guy at the end of the Twitter account?  He confesses......he is a Jinn.  The news media is onto this, and likely to challenge the story a bit, but a smart guy....could dispel their childish game, and motivate followers.

I would imagine somewhere out there in DC tonight....there's a CIA guy sitting there and pausing over this Jinn thing.  What if, you could generate up forty or fifty Islamic individuals or just human beings with no connection to Islam, and connect to the Jinn being?  A Jinn could stand and challenge any Mullah....any jihad dimwit....and even the holy war being conducted right now.

One Jinn....walking a straight and narrow path....refusing to be anything but a Jinn?

Yeah, we may have stumbled on the one point of Islam that opens up massive doors.