Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Montgomery Woes

It's hard for Montgomery, Alabama to ever make any list as number one.  This week, it finally happened.

The Kilplinger finance folks did a rating on the cities with the worst drop in home-prices over the last year.  Sadly, Montgomery made number one.

The change in home prices in one year?  Fourteen and a half percent.  You can buy a good decent four bedroom brick house....for $86,000.

Local unemployment?  It's just a notch under eight percent.

Currently the foreclosure rate is hovering around one in every 517 houses.

You can toss around a dozen reasons for the problem.  The local economy is lousy.  Jobs growth hasn't been occurring.  Local business operations are marginal at any growth.  People have clamped down on buying anything of substance.

When you make some national list like just kinda makes the job of a real estate agent in Montgomery twice as hard as it was before.  Other than cheaper houses, there's not much to paint in a pretty picture.

That Story

There are several observations to make over this NSA leaker.

First, the Air Force came out yesterday and said that all personnel should refrain from using AF computers to browse news on the episode....because everything is still classified top secret, and they'd have to wipe your PC if it got "infected".  Yeah, I imagine there's 100,000 such "infected" computers out there today.

Second, the girlfriend of the NSA leaker finally came into public view.  She's a bit strange.  She graduated from the Maryland University system, with a degree in dance.  Her big occupation?  Pole-dancer.  For the last year or two in Hawaii?  She's apparently been working as a Hula-dancer at some resort complex.  I get the impression that she's looking for a sugar-daddy type situation, and the leaker served that purpose.

Third, so far, no one has come out to say they were friends of his.  Not in Japan.  Not in DC.  Not from the days in Switzerland.  Not even from his days in high school.

Fourth.  If you were the guy who recommended Snowden for any of these jobs at the CIA, NSA or Booz-Allen.....over the next month....the investigation guys are going to come and ask you dozens of stupid questions.  No one much is really buying up this story of how a high-school drop-out, community college drop-out, and Army drop-out....made it with the clearances and the job level.

Fifth.  The word narcissist is beginning to be used with Snowden on a hourly basis.

Sixth.  The security folks are going to look heavily at themselves now.  For a contractor to have been given all of these administrator rights, and not be continually reviewed by the IT security folks....there's something wrong.

Seventh and final.  Booz-Allen and the press has kinda hinted now that Snowden never made $200,000 a year.....unless you counted up all benefit packages.  His actual salary?  $120,000 a year.  This kind of invites people to view all of his statements completely, and that some might be a bit exaggerated than others.