Sunday, 16 June 2013

Some Predictions

From time to time, I'll stand up and make a couple of predictions against events....after a bit of pondering.

First, I'll predict that the Zimmerman trial in Florida....lasts about seven weeks.  At least one of the juriors will be dismissed when they start to show a tendency that they already decided the case before being picked.  As for the conclusion?  Zimmerman is declared an innocent man.  Then you have to wait for a civil case from the parents to develop.

Second, we will have a major deployment of US forces into the eastern Med, and put up some no-fly zone over Syria.  The Russians are going to come and shock the White House with various actions, and it will put the US into some oddball positions.  In six months, we will come to agree that the advisers that the President has....are of a two-star quality, and question how they ever got hired.

Third, within six months....another NSA guy comes up and runs off to some third-world country....after he is noted hacking deep into their security firewall.  A couple of Senators now determine that they'd best investigate the NSA themselves.

Fourth, by spring of 2014, it's obvious that most of the health care act just won't work as advertised.  There's repairs that need to be made.  The question will be if there's enough interest by both Republicans and Democrats to do this.  After weeks of debate....nothing happens.  The law?  It just sits there....neither functional or capable.  Millions of Americans are furious but can't decide who to blame.

Fifth and final, CNN later in 2013, in a moment of desperation.....starts to do Bigfoot, Loch Ness, and UFO stories one night a week.  Ratings actually jump up twenty percent, and they make it a regular weekly event on Friday nights.