Monday, 17 June 2013

Simply Observations

A motorcycle rally was held in Rome over the weekend.  According to some....several hundred to several thousand Harley's were there, and stopped for a brief time in Vatican Square....where the Pope came out...and offically wave his Godly-hand, and gave a blessing over Harley in general.  For roughly one-hundred-and-ten years.....Harley has been waiting for the Pope's blessing, and maybe this is finally enough to make it mechanically sound and dump the 22-pound tool kit that you had to drag along with the bike.

The immigration reform bill will likely pass through the Senate this week....maybe with more than sixty-five votes.  What it does in the House?  Half of the aspects of the bill might survive there.

Our guy Snowden, sitting in Hong Kong, let loose on the British.  He detailed out the Brits spying on various European allies for a big 2009 meeting.  The odds of him knowing the details of this?  Zero.  He had to have someone inside of NSA explain and tell him the story.....or break through a ton of firewall to get the pieces.

Finally, you might notice this appointment....the President picked some DC lawyer to be the shut-down Czar of Gitmo.  The guy is to be paid a salary, and mostly just sit around to chat up closure with whoever wants to hear it.  The likely plan?  I'm betting on a Presidential order to occur in the last 100 days of the Obama eight years.  It'll direct Gitmo to shut down in the spring of 2016.  But without Congressional'll be impossible to occur.  But the threat is onto the new incoming president of stop the order.  You can guess the mess coming out of this.