Wednesday, 19 June 2013

It's a Strange World

There's two stories out there that I noted from yesterday.....that came off a bit unusual.  There's not much research I can do....both had limited writings on them.

First, out in Riverton, Wyoming....a town of ten thousand residents....cops got called.  They had to sort through this as they arrived.

The best we can say is that several folks lived in this one home.  Cops didn't say they were relatives, which normally, you'd indicate something like that.  The adults in this house had determined that a spirit was in the house, and occuping one of the ladies of the house.  They'd held an exocism....without a priest.....and at the key you'd see on TV....they doused the lady with Holy Water (at least they say it was Holy Water).

All this activity had gotten the woman (31 years old) pretty hyper, and she launched into some heart attack, or at least they think it was that.  Might have been a panic attack, but the paramedics didn't care....they just toted the lady off to the hospital.

You can imagine the scene after the ambulance leaves.  The cops now ask a ton of questions, and the occupants of the house explain this whole exorcism episode.  The occupants want the cops to investigate.  For some reason, the cops declined the opportunity to search for demons.

The only public statement by the cops?  They can't see any criminal activity and no one else was injured from this episode.

The odds of a drug episode?  Well...I might suspect that.  I would question where the heck that you'd get Holy Water in Wyoming, but it's likely to be some tap water.  The gal in the hospital?  She's probably got some mental or emotional issues to start with.

The second story?  Some city council guy from the UK....small town....has come to admit that he is an alien, and that he has various relations (of a passionate nature) with a alien lady......while he is married to a regular British gal.  The alien gal?  He refers to as the "Cat Queen" and indicates that they've had a child between them.

Things between this older gentleman (he's 58) are pretty regular.  He said that the "Cat Queen" entertains him four times a year on average.

There's some indication that his British wife is a bit hostile over these other relations, and I'm guessing that since he went public with the alien status....she's probably talking to a lawyer.

This kind of episode would beg some questions.  Is there anything unusual with the way that things occur between him and the "Cat Queen"?   How'd the "Cat Queen" get her name?  Are towns people ok with this new status of their city council guy?

In Bama, we would evaluate a neighbor like this, and be curious over the looks or behavior of the "Cat Queen".  Course, she is in the illegal status and ought to be applying for an alien card.  Usually, ladies like this live in trailer parks, and dress in a provocative way.  And there's cash somewhere in the situation.

Twelve Things about the NSA and Snowden Affair

There are around a dozen things that you ought to know about this entire mess.

1.  Snowden is a narcissist in search of being both judge and jury.  In this land, he has no such right.

2.  If the IRS episode hadn't occurred, we'd all be acceptable of this business.  Right now, there's zero trust of the government and the collection of data. It's funny how timing is everything.

3.  If you utter the word "jihad" in any phone conversation or voice's picked up and analyzed by some analyst sitting in Omaha or Colorado Springs.  He might spend forty-five minutes trying to determine you were joking or serious.  And sadly, you might end up on some watch list.....for joking with the word "jihad".

4.  A bunch of crazy guys who wear tin-foil hats and say the government is monitoring everything....have finally been proven right.

5.  Yeah, someone actually connected to the government knows about the $70 French-made underwear that you bought six weeks ago.

6.  If Snowden had been born in'd be a tire salesman in Rockville, Maryland.  Internet changed his entire life and career.  For a guy who never finished high school or community college, it's an odd path.  He might have done a fair job as a Goodyear tire salesman.

7.  Mr Snowden will awaken one day to grasp that he was used for months and years by some Chinese military analyst.  And this crusade of his?  All scripted by the some wrestling match.  He got introduced to the people.....came into the right chat forums....and just kept progressing, like the original plan called for.

8.  Some Chinese military analyst ought to win the Nobel Prize for something.  He actually found some brilliant naive dimwit, with no real substantial education, and walked him to a point of being a loser.

9.  At least a dozen Senators actively knew about the bulk of the NSA program....just keeping their mouth shut and smiling at everyone.  And now?'s hard to explain that it's all OK in the end...especially to voters asking stupid questions.

10.  Who approved the hundreds of millions for this data center in Utah?  Might be interesting to see which Congressman stands to admit they knew it's purpose.  I doubt that you can find a single one.

11.  Would Snowden ever stand up to fight Muslim fanatics?  I'd have my doubts.  Would Snowden stand up to any enemy of the US? can't be sure.  He'd like to defend the liberty of information and personal rights.....but would he go out in the midst of the dark and do harm to evil men if necessary?

12.  Finally, did Snowden ever notice any other country spying on the US networks, banking, or American emails?  I doubt that he'd ever admit that....because it'd really twist his whole argument around.

And I should add a number thirteen....which we have yet to hear about.  We know that Mr Snowden removed all his data from the building with the help of a thumb-drive that he brought what was on the thumb-drive when he originally brought it in the building?  Is it possible that he loaded up a special virus program to delete all our special data.....*.*-type thing?  Maybe he actually did more than the idiots imagined, and left a big mess for them to clean up later?