Sunday, 23 June 2013

Our Future Heroes

We are around forty years (a generation) away from the point where actual robot drones will be on the combat field with our GI's.  You can imagine a squad of ten Army guys, and four robot drones (Hulk-602, Matty-2, Peanut-606, and Wolf-9).  Each drone will have a slightly different ability, with Matty-2 the one who carries the water and food supply, and Wolf-9 as the lead one on the patrol looking for trouble. Peanut-606 will haul up a 20-caliber gun with ten thousand rounds of ammo, and maneuvers on a track or four wheels.  And Hulk-602?  He's your all-purpose guy to walk into a house alone, and take apart threats as they are.

We will hire engineers and repair technicians who are on the combat help repair our "guys", and keep them operational.

At some point, we will become attached to Matty, Wolf, Peanut, and Hulk.  They will be team-mates of ours.

Eventually, when they go down....we will be bothered by this, and when the repair technician says there's nothing else we can do.....we will likely suffer PTSD over our robot drone's demise.

No one will suggest that today.  We might be attached to a 1968 Mustang, or a 1944 Ford pick-up.....but few of us can see this drone attachment coming up in the future.

Valiant stories will be written of Hulk, Wolf, and Matty as they pass on.  Somewhere out there....statues will be erected.  Movies will be made.  Stamps will be published with the picture of Peanut saving a squad of soldiers.

It'll be a bold new era.

Snowden on the Run

Based on reports this morning....the NSA leak on a Aeroflot plane....bound for Moscow.  And there's this hint that a second leg of the trip is planned with him flying onto Havana, Cuba.

Most folks are of the mind that Havana can't possibly be the final destination....because WikiLeaks has said that arrangement to bring him safely into a democratic country.  The journalism guys comment that since Cuba is Communist....that can't be the final destination.

If you sit and ponder upon this.....there's this odd event which could occur.  Snowden could arrive and set up shop in Cuba.  It'd doubtful that Castro or any member of the government would discuss releasing him to the US.

Then, a curious thing might happen.  If Cuba ran up the AM radio antenna....they could bring him live on the air.....two to three hours a day....and pipe up fresh propaganda to Florida and at least three or four other southern states.  Snowden would be a daily guest and talk about the terrible woes of capitalism.

Me personally?  I'm still betting on Iceland being the final choice.  Out of Saint Petersburg, Russia.....there's a daily Icelandic Air flight to Iceland.  Snowden would merely get off the plane in up with a taxi and some guy named Sergi....and run up to Saint Petersburg to catch the flight.