Monday, 24 June 2013

The Critter Story

When you step off your generally have this expectation of things around you.  There's a 'norm' that exists.

For the most, you don't think about oddball things that you might run into....when traveling around your property.

So this past week....Thursday evening....there's this guy in Indiana.....near Charlestown, who encountered one of those oddball things.....a leopard.

From what news reports indicate....the guy noted the leopard, aimed and fired....killing it.  They didn't lay out the weapon used, the number of shots (we assume one), or the distance.

A leopard?  All that the conservation guys will say from the state is that they suspect it's a pet that someone kept, and it got loose.  Normally, you'd have a permit in Indiana for this kind of animal.  Course, critters of this sort....could walk from a nearby Kentucky or Ohio.

A guy from Bama would ponder upon this kind of situation.  Generally, we are accepting of the possibility of running into snakes, a wild dog, and maybe a bear (on the extreme side of expectations).  So we generally are prepared when we run around our property.  I'm guessing a number of guys will read this story and spend some time to analyze on the type gun required for a situation like this.  And if they don't have one....they might visit their local gun shop this week to shop for that gun.