Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Simply Observations

The Paula Deen appearance on the Today Show today?  It kind of turned the Today Show into some soap opera.  I watched four minutes, and then had this vision of Doctor Phil, and that was enough.  The thing is.....most southern folks are of a forgiving nature, so around sixty million folks are likely to be pulling for Paula from this point on.  No matter what any idiot says on TV, she likely fell into the forgiven category.

I'll make this prediction over the Supreme Court ruling and the direction ahead for gay marriage.  Within three years, we will peak out on states that permit it.  At least thirty states will maintain a "no" when the topic comes up.  The media will try shape the negativity of the thirty states, but I don't think that matters. As for the next issues?  I'll predict by 2017 that one western state address threesome marriages.  It might even reach a point by 2025 where a foursome marriage might be legal in one state.  One of the bigger issues will arise over the a 15-year old male who is courted by a 50-year old male, and they want marriage but the kid's parents won't sign the paperwork, which turns to a state judge who signs the paperwork and is then condemned for this type of situation.  A few months later, in New Hampshire, a 13-year old girl will be courted by a fifty-year old lesbian, and the same thing will occur.

Snowden.  Ecuador kind of admitted that they've gotten some bad nerves over accepting him.  The US has some imports from Ecuador, and they really can't afford to screw this up.  Venezuela?  They sell oil to the US.  Cuba?  They might accept him but it's not going to be a clear shot on internet use for him, and his life will be fairly miserable for the remaining years.  That leaves Iceland and Russia.  If you ask me....he really didn't think this out too far.

My headquarters sent out a note and it was re-emphasized today....if you travel outside of the continental US (even Guam, PR, Alaska or Hawaii) need to visit the security office ahead of time and get a security briefing.  Then when you return, you debrief.  So you can imagine this.....a guy signs up for a bear hunt in Alaska, and he flies out of Dulles.  He hunts for two weeks in Alaska, and upon return....has to visit the security office to note what occurred.  Hopefully, you don't bump into any native Indians, Canadians, or Mexicans.  The sad state of all this hyped-up security stuff for people in the military....ought to include the events of the day.....when I bump into some illegal El Salvadorian guy mowing my yard in Virginia, or the Bombay couple that I sat and discussed DC tour site planning.

Finally, the CNN staff team in DC.....has downsized.  Quietly, without saying was simple and direct.  Older and more costly CNN folks were let go.  Newer and younger folks brought in.  You can figure that a number of folks are calling up Fox News and asking for job.  Who knows....maybe Fox will hire them.

Pictures Tell Stories

Picture compliments of National Journal.

As the President came to deliver his big four-star speech at Georgetown University in emphasize his changes coming to the global warming fight...the crowd came in to hear the speech.  It was mostly students from the local campus.  Georgetown is one of those areas where it's hard to dump off folks or find parking.

For those who aren't into Georgetown and it's's a private deal.  You don't go there, unless you can afford $42,000 a year for tuition (alone).  Books are extra. Campus living is around $1,000 a month.  And you can figure the kid will require around $20,000 a year in entertainment, coffee, clothing, and expenses.  For ninety-five percent of the kids in's beyond them and their parents, unless they get a scholarship.

So as the crowd dispersed and were heavily enthusiastic over the speech.....they left their trash there on the pavement in front of the stand where the President spoke.  Luckily, in DC.....we have people hired to clean up after speeches like this.  It comes out of a city budget, or university budget, or some parks & recreation budget.

The thought if they get so peppy about the environment, and keeping the world clean....why can't they clean up their own mess?  And the answer?  They'd like to put this on the bill and spread it around so everyone pays for what they do.  And in this sorry state of logic....conceived by the young brilliant minds of our warming makes perfect sense.....we need to spread the mess around to include it on everyone's bill, and just grin as we continue on with our little world.

Yes, it all makes perfect sense.

Old World versus New World

We likely will get an entire day of blasted words and commentary over the voting rights episode rendered by the Supreme Court yesterday.

The curious thing?  For roughly fifty years, we've acted like we are still in 1965.

If this were true....then we'd still be producing cars with no seat-belts (they didn't become required until 1966).

If this were true....we'd still be paying 20-cents for a glass of Coke at the restaurant.

If this were true....we'd still be watching I Love Lucy, the Andy Griffith Show, Gomer Pyle, Gunsmoke, and Family Affair.

If this were true....we'd still be paying $8 for a visit to the local doctor.

If this were true....we'd have only four choices of burgers at McDonalds.

If this were true....we'd still be paying $26,600 for your average house in America.

If this were true....we'd still be be paying five cents for a stamp.

If this were true....unemployment would be 3.8 percent.

If this were true....we'd generally be making $7,700 a year for salary, and be awful happy with that.

If this were true...we'd be locked in the potential war with the Soviet Union.

If this were true....we'd still be manufacturing TVs, washing machines, and baseball gloves here in America.

If this were players would be pure and clean from steroids.

If this were true....most cars in America would be sold without air conditioning.

If this were true....we'd be awful happy with a car that only got sixteen miles per gallon.

Yeah, something changed over fifty years.  To be honest....a number of things changed.  Yet, we accepted change and just moved on.