Thursday, 27 June 2013

My Neighborhood

Across the river, into is a urban wonderland.  Typically, you don't have bears loose in DC.  Yesterday morning.....cops got this call from someone.....bear on the loose in northwest DC.

Cops show up, with some animal welfare guys, and find this young bear....probably a year old....walking around.

It takes about an hour for them to finally get the right distance to it and tranquilize the bear.  He was hustled off.  Everyone was kind of careful not to hint....what state they dumped him off into.  Could have been Maryland....could have been Virginia.  This always invites discussions when word gets out on where they dump animals.

Course, the legend of the mountain lion loose in a DC park continues.  Various people still believe that there's one out there.....but no real video or pictures of it.  

Snowden and His Drifting Iceland

As the hours tick by in Moscow....our wandering now figuring out the problems of finding a country to accept him.

Iceland?  Weeks ago, this made sense.  Days ago, the intellectual crowd of Iceland that run the country probably thought this was a done-deal.

Somewhere along the way to discussing and approving Snowden coming into Iceland....some lonely State Department gal likely came along and asked if Iceland had any wishes to expand out it's big money-maker....Icelandic Air.

Every month, there's lots of American dollars that roll into the company and helps the revenue base of little Iceland.  It's the one bright spot over the past couple of years....where dismal economic conditions have been felt on the isle.

What they suddenly discovered was that any hopes of getting more business into more US airports....relied upon those idiots in America approving your expansion.  And they just didn't have to agree to your view of expansion.

So the Icelandic intellectuals suddenly realized the limited nature of what they could accomplish.  By merely allowing public debate, they are working up a sweat and really can't admit to the public that the US has them over a barrel.  Talk just leads to more talk, and less chance of any acceptance. screwed.

Putin's team is likely watching this unfold and now wondering if Snowden walks out of the terminal and asks for asylum....would they allow it?  For a chance to jab the President weekly for months?  Anything to gain?  Hard to say.

Snowden probably should have spent weeks and months contemplating this act of stupidity, and where he ought to be at the right time.  Sitting in a Moscow airport for months is going to be like a prison.