Wednesday, 3 July 2013

On the Limb for Predictions

I generally go out on the limb for predictions.  Here are my predictions for the remainder of 2013:

1.  The Zimmerman trial will likely go to a hung-jury or declared innocent.  Riots will erupt, and at least twenty rioters will be shot either by property owners or cops.  Over night, trial lawyers will be penciling in more cases for 2014.  These shooting episodes will start to Florida into a court-TV kingdom.

2.  Some evidence will eventually by year's end that Benghazi was mostly about a White House fear of upsetting the delicate balance of new US relations with Al Qaeda.  It won't make sense, but nothing makes much sense these days.

3.  CNN's new Crossfire attempt will be dismal and negative.  Numbers by December will be begging the question of who dreamed up this idea.

4.  Snowden will be faced with the prospect that no country will accept him.  A deal will be struck with the Justice Department with a limit of no more than thirty years of prison time....although no one will know of the deal until after the court case concludes.

5.  No immigration bill is passed via both the House and Senate.  The Senate's one attempt will be talked about and bragged for the remainder of the year.

6.  Furlough is openly discussed after 1 October, for 2014.  People will be in a state of shock that they have to repeat the experience again.

7.  Two fifteen year old lesbians will attempt to get court-permission to marry in California after both their parents refuse to sign the paperwork.  Both will be interviewed on CNN with Piers Morgan.

8.  A study by the end of the year will conclude that one out of three kids graduating from college....have a degree that is worthless and not of value to get any job other than airline stewardess, tire salesman, or grocery manager.

9.  Someone will approach one state to get on the ballot for 2014....the idea of a threesome marriage.

10.  Before the end of the year, one out of six people who voted for the President in both 2008 and 2012....will admit publicly that they screwed up and shouldn't have done it.  Meanwhile....six out of ten folks who voted for Senator McCain in 2008 will admit they are very happy that he never made it.

11. Paula Deen's new book coming out....since being dropped by the publisher....goes to private self-publishing, and sells 200,000 copies within six weeks.

12.  The Discovery Channel talks up the idea of having a reality show of fake wrestlers.

13.  By year's end....a news journalist will attempt to say that Popeye, King Kong, and Lassie were all gay characters.

14.  Finally, Egypt undergoes a coup, and the military takes over for three years.