Friday, 12 July 2013

Riding Greyhound

I had an interesting two weeks off during this period.  For the first time since 1980....I rode Greyhound...out of the Birmingham station to Athens.

Let me start off by saying.....that all things considered....the Birmingham station is a fairly decent station and safe.  Course, there's some nuts around, and a wannabe security cop who looks like some character off Hee Haw.

As I entered the bus, there were three basic groups.  There's the Latino guys in the far back,  some older black folks in the front, and whats left.....sits in the middle of the bus, where I ended up.

So there's three folks around me.....all in their mid-30s to mid-40s.  Two guys and a gal.  Quickly, before we even take off.....they've taken up a conversation, and they are all rehab graduates (first prison, then the rehab).  And they are comparing notes.

I'm sitting there and listening to the forty-four different drugs that you can do.....from pain-killers to plain old weed.  I'm, I didn't need to be on this bus.

So the bus takes off.....and there's this guy (white, mid-fifties) who gets up and does the bathroom three times in twenty minutes.  Bus driver notes this, and must have called the cops.  The older guy acted weird after the third time, and must have been shooting up something.  Driver must have called the cops because five minutes later.....cop car pulls us over (imagine that on the interstate), and the guy gets pointed out.  Cop asks him to get off, and we kinda leave immediately.  

Conversation then drifts back to drug rehab and various drug options.  I'm stuck on that damn bus for another two hours.

My advice, if you can afford to travel by so.  At least folks don't get friendly and start discussing personal drug habits.  Yeah, that's probably my last bus ride.....ever.