Monday, 15 July 2013

The Case of an Idiot Genius

After you watch this Ed Snowden, NSA leaker, episode get the opinion that as much as Ed may try to make you believe he's awful smart and brilliant.....he's really an idiot.

He sits now in a Moscow airport....likely spending around $300 a day on hotel, food and beverages.  Toss in Wi-Fi fees, occasional $10 for soap or shampoo from the airport shop, and maybe $40 a week to get someone to wash his clothing. That's roughly $2,500 a week.

He's stuck.

The choices of countries to accept him?  Most all are places that rest in a very undemocratic country, with limited feelings for his type of behavior.  But to get to any of them...he'd require a private jet that could avoid US airspace.  We aren't talking small Learjets.....these are all the larger bulky jets, and you can figure at least $250k required to interest any such private airline.  No one is going to toss that kind of money around just to transport one idiot out of Moscow.

Every comment that he's made?  There's just a hint of stupidity tied to you.  He's a guy with no real plan.....just some wild idea that started his little campaign but he can't explain any wise end to this mess.

The Russians?  As long as he pays his bills....they won't say much.  I suspect when he starts to run out of cash.....this episode will end.  The Russians will haul him over to the US embassy and toss him over the fence.

In the end, he just might run out of the marginal amount of genius and intelligence that he had.