Monday, 15 July 2013

The Case of an Idiot Genius

After you watch this Ed Snowden, NSA leaker, episode get the opinion that as much as Ed may try to make you believe he's awful smart and brilliant.....he's really an idiot.

He sits now in a Moscow airport....likely spending around $300 a day on hotel, food and beverages.  Toss in Wi-Fi fees, occasional $10 for soap or shampoo from the airport shop, and maybe $40 a week to get someone to wash his clothing. That's roughly $2,500 a week.

He's stuck.

The choices of countries to accept him?  Most all are places that rest in a very undemocratic country, with limited feelings for his type of behavior.  But to get to any of them...he'd require a private jet that could avoid US airspace.  We aren't talking small Learjets.....these are all the larger bulky jets, and you can figure at least $250k required to interest any such private airline.  No one is going to toss that kind of money around just to transport one idiot out of Moscow.

Every comment that he's made?  There's just a hint of stupidity tied to you.  He's a guy with no real plan.....just some wild idea that started his little campaign but he can't explain any wise end to this mess.

The Russians?  As long as he pays his bills....they won't say much.  I suspect when he starts to run out of cash.....this episode will end.  The Russians will haul him over to the US embassy and toss him over the fence.

In the end, he just might run out of the marginal amount of genius and intelligence that he had.  

Simply Observations

After watching around a dozen hours of the Zimmerman episode.....I would have to say that if I were on the jury.....I wouldn't see enough evidence to convict the guy.  If there had been one single person there to be the witness and confirm at least half of the circumstantial evidence.....I might have gone onto a manslaughter conviction.  The prosecutor did what he had to do.....with limited evidence, and the jury just wasn't going to buy into it.  This effort noted that some civil rights accusation would next be used?  I believe that a fair number of Americans would ask what the tool of civil rights has to do with this episode?  Do we keep using the term " white-Latino" (a comical media term invented for Zimmerman)?  The bottom line?  Some black kid on the wrong path to life and enjoyed doping up.....noticed some white-Latino guy following him, and confronted him.  If Zimmerman had been unarmed.....he'd be in some hospital on life-support and a life-long concussion.....but he was armed and things ended for the kid.  End of story.

We did kinda learn that if you did get a motorcycle up to 300 probably would kill yourself.  I could say more but this story isn't much to tell.

They ran the bulls in Pamplona, Spain this past week.  You can kinda write the general script to what happens.  Bulls run, Bulls trample or gore folks, guys drink a lot to pump up courage, and folks watch it like a NASCAR race.  The only thing different in this year's race?  An Australian gal got gored (stable but hurting a bit).  As a kid growing up on farm.....I was lucky my dad never got into horned cattle.  It was bad enough to run them up a chute or such, but I've run enough with the steers to know how dangerous an act this really is.  It'd take an awful lot of booze to make me think about going to Pamplona.

Finally, from my old stomping grounds of DC.....Wal-Mart was set to open six stores in DC over the next two or three years.  For at least a decade.....folks in the area had been talking over this and grasping that there is no retail store in all of DC.  The arrival of Wal-Mart had been on the planning block for three years now.  Well....this past week, the city council got around to a mandatory pay deal.....$12.50 an hour for any business operation that runs a billion in profit and a store has 75,000 square feet.  You see, the change in the law (the old rate was $8.50).....was done to trip up Wal-Mart (they had refused to pay bribes to the city council or their influence peddlers).  Wal-Mart has said if the mayor doesn't veto this.....they just might give up on the six stores, and walk away.  Go figure at least 2,000 jobs gone in DC.....but the city council didn't care about the jobs or such.