Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Ten Things that Ought to Happen But Never Will

This is my simple list of ten things that ought to happen in America, but never will:

1.  All cops, even down to the local town level.....ought to take monthly drug tests and undergo a yearly financial status check.  None of them would ever agree to such a thing though.  Fail a drug test?  You get one waiver....with the second time that this comes up.....a three-year suspension from law enforcement.

2.  All college-entry students (public) ought to undergo a simple test to enter a four-year university.  If you get less than seventy?  You get onto a list for two years which limits you to only community college. If you got less than fifty?  You just forget about higher education and concentrate on tire sales, driving a beer truck, or working in an honest profession.  Some folks just shouldn't waste time, money, or resources doing something that God didn't intend for them to do.

3.  Anyone in America who is on the illegal status and wants US citizenship.....gets a chance to earn a visa, but it's a fifteen year trail to get to US citizenship and any events (like jail) doubles the fifteen year period to thirty years.

4.  The Supreme Court members ought to be limited to a ten-year period, and then mandatory retirement.

5.  Every kid in America ought to undergo a year of economics by the time he graduates from high school.

6.  Sales tax by the hour.  All state sales tax ought to be zero after 10PM at night, until 5AM.  It'd create an interesting shift in purchasing patterns.

7.  Limit all local TV news to strictly state and local news.   No more national news on the local channel.

8.  Get Fox News to do a one-hour segment with regular people.....barbers, truckers, transmission repair guys, and bar hostess the commentary crowd.  It might get interesting to get the opinion of real people....rather than the 'fakes'.

9.  Hand the NCAA bowl process over to some Bolivian cattle farmers to manage.  They'd do just as good of job as the regular guys we employ currently.

10.  Take court events off TV's not entertainment or politics.

The Spock Logic

In this new retirement house phase of life.....I was confronted with the first real 'mess'.  I have this French-made mega refrigerator....with an ice-maker (something I had dreamed about for years).   It's practically new and blessed with great ice-making ability.

So yesterday, something went wrong at some moment while delivering the ice, and while I was standing wife was in emergency mode and helped to 'fix' it.  Course, a minute later.....I'm pressing the flipper to get more ice and it won't move.  Broke?

I pulled out the manual....which surprisingly in English, and it even has a CD.  I spent an hour reading over this simple manual.

I went back to refrigerator and went through the various scenarios of being broke, and nothing made any sense.  It didn't meet any of the eighteen various scenarios that these French guys had wrote solutions for.  Over again, to the manual, I went.

I invested almost two hours working on this refrigerator and the ice-maker.  That damn flipper just wouldn't push to allow ice or water flow.

So finally, I put on my Spock hat, and went to logic.  It can't be broke.

I pulled out a mirror and looked at the flipper and there is some plastic safety notch on it, and the wife in her reaction had pulled the safety notch beyond it's protective it was stopping the flipper from activating.  I pushed the flipper back, and everything fell into place.

It worked.

It's rare I pull out that Spock logic and go to this extreme, but if you have extinguished all possible scenarios, then it can't be broke.  I would imagine that Captain Kirk would disagree, but logic is logic.  Sadly, I wasted two precious hours of retirement, working on this non-problem.  I'm hoping things improve today....maybe some really broke situation or fire or bear-attack.

Don't Be Standing Your Ground

"Separate and apart from the case that has drawn the nation's attention, it's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods."

-- Attorney General Eric Holder, responding to the recent Florida court case

It was an interesting comment to hear.  He obviously wanted people to hear his opinion.  The problem with this logic is that if you dragged the attorney general into a car and dumped him off in the middle of Memphis at 11PM.....then offered him a pistol as you started to drive off....he'd take the pistol.

People who make comments about being anti-gun or anti-self defense or anti-'stand-your-ground'.....don't really live in the new America.  They still live in the America of the 1970s.  They talk of feeling safe and that cops are everywhere.  You merely need to call 911 and in 30 seconds.....some car will be there to take away your threat.

There's hardly a single neighborhood in the Baltimore, St Louis, Memphis or Atlanta area now.....that you can consider absolutely safe.....unless it's a gated community with armed guards walking around.  Some folks won't even rent at an apartment complex now, unless evening guards are present and armed.  Half the people driving into Birmingham every single day to work......likely have a pistol on them or in the car.  You have McDonalds across the nation which have been affected by crime, and quietly have added guards in the parking lot at night.


I would imagine this week that some group of attorneys working for the attorney general will be given the task to pick out one state and whack them in court.  How many own pistols or rifles?  Probably over half of them.....if they live in Maryland or DC.  None of them will be convinced of this being smart, and I imagine the head guy doing this will just pretend it's going great on screwing some state, and then walk into a four-year project.....only to leave by the summer of 2014.

The sad part about this story?   Over the past weekend....another couple of folks were killed on the streets of Chicago.  Not a word ever gets mentioned by the attorney general on the weekly killings there.  Yeah, it's like he just doesn't care.  If only the jury had convicted Zimmerman, for the good of America.....would this all turned out great and everyone would be hugging themselves in a ridiculous fashion.