Friday, 19 July 2013

Simply Observatrions

This new twist to the Zimmerman episode is the FBI halting the local cops from handing Zimmerman's pistol back to him.....saying they are thinking of federal charges.  Course, they have yet to think of a charge, nor have they had a federal charge determine that the evidence needs to be 'grabbed'.  I suspect that the intention is to freeze this the one into Benghazi, or the one into the IRS mess, or the gun runner episode in Mexico....until after the 2016 Presidential election.  Course, Zimmerman can walk back into another gun shop today, and buy another gun.

If this all wasn't enough, then we have Jesse Jackson saying the atmosphere in Florida is like apartheid. You have to kinda wonder what he says of the dozen or so black teens killed in Chicago on a weekly basis.  Would that be apartheid too?  I guess it's best not to ask.

The Snowden-leaker episode gets more interesting.  Now, it might be that Russia is the only place that he might be allowed to stay.....provided he meets all of Putin's requirements.  The US isn't happy over this.....and threatens to stop the planned summit with Putin.  For President Obama, if he freezes up relations with Russia.....that kills off the last piece of legacy opportunity.....the cut of nuclear missiles, and gives the President nothing much to accomplish for the remaining months of the Presidency.  As for Snowden?  Well....a year or two down the road.....he likely gets a mystery disease and dies quietly in a mysterious fashion.

Our Senator McCain looked like an idiot again.....during some interview over his immigration efforts.  For the bill pending.....there's this funny clause.....under Section 1541 "Trafficking in Passports."  It basically says that a person who forges two or less passports.....cannot be charged with a crime, while making three or more....would be charged with a crime.  It's one of the stupid comments that you could ever write into a law, but this dimwit and his staff did it.

The deputy prime minister of the UK.....admits it's now so mid-90s....that he doesn't wear shoes in the office.  He says he'd blister all up if he did wear them.  You can imagine this scene.....your boss comes into the boss and goes the entire day without any shoes.  Hopefully, he has no holes in his socks.

It's come to light now that some countries use a slightly different ingredient list to manufacture Coca-Cola.  From Mexico, they use pure cane sugar.  Well....folks have tasted the Mex-Cola, and determined it's better than regular US-Coke.....and they want to import Mex-Cola.

The Brits have come out and admitted that around 5,400 British citizens are arrested while on vacation each year (while outside of the UK).  The general comment is that they drink excessively while on holiday, and do some stupid stuff.  This is one of the reasons why vacation resorts hate having Brits visit.

Finally, CNN lost a fair number of viewers after the Zimmerman court case ended.  Folks won't say much except the numbers show a decline.  You can ask as many questions as you want.....but it all comes down to analysis and commentary that went against Zimmerman as the case ended.  Folks who watched the episode.....mostly came to the opinion that the jurors decided upon.  CNN?  Well.....they just couldn't comment in that fashion, so they angered a few folks.  There's not much you can say for CNN except it's all entertainment in nature, and nothing really in pure journalism.