Saturday, 20 July 2013

Standing Your Ground Against Dimwits

The cops down in Land O'Lakes, Florida report two guys toted off to the hospital after attempting a home invasion....with a fake pistol.  The problem is....the guy in the house?  He had a real gun.  One of the dimwits is reported to have at least four gunshot wounds, and the other guy is in pretty bad shape.

It's hard to say the mental state of both guys and why they did the home invasion, or used the fake gun.  At this point, both will be facing a court episode if they survive.  The shooter...the home-owner....gets a free pass with standing his ground.  The boys?  Well....I'd be guessing at least three charges each, and if they were smart....they'd agree to some deal with four years in prison.

The wounds?  Well.....yeah.....they might be bad enough to trigger health issues for the rest of their lives.  The cost of the medical help?  Free....on the back of some public hospital.  Don't worry, they will disperse the cost onto the backs of their real customers.  The $150,000 for the two guys will be split among all the local folks using the facility.  Call it a dimwit tax or doesn't really matter.

The sad thing?  Both guys end up with some tough prisoners in jail....who have used real weapons in life, and won't give them any status for the creativity they demonstrated.