Sunday, 21 July 2013

Detroit Live

With all the money problems that Detroit has....I've come up with the best idea to finance the city....making it a twenty-four hour a day channel.

The idea is this.....we hire up sixty camera guys to roam the city day and night, seven days a week.  We hang out with the fire department, the cops, the morgue, the garbage guys, the thugs, the drug guys, the city council and the ladies of the evening.

We'd do minute by minute reports live from shootings and robberies.  We cover three drunks fighting over which Tigers team was the best over the last forty years.  We discuss corruption with the city council and how it all works.  We get the thugs to do evening interviews where they pass judgement on the economy, the state of America, and the best episodes of Kung Fu.

We'd ride the city bus around and do live-cam's with the drivers grabbing riders and tossing them off the bus in the middle of a snowstorm.

We'd talk to folks who work in the city, but leave quickly and quietly every evening to get safely fifty miles away to a place safely away from the city.

We'd talk to bar owners who have a worthless bar but would never sell the's their in Detroit.

We'd talk to Korean grocery owners who have an arsenal of guns just out of sight and get recommendations on the best all-purpose weapons to have in case of a problem.

We'd get frank discussions of drug kingpins on the state of marijuana in America.

We'd feature retired Detroit Lion players and how it was in the 1970s.

My humble guess is that we'd have two million folks signed up for subscription service and charge them $20 a month to get Detroit Live.  The city would turn into a Disneyland-type operation in five years....with people coming in for a weekend to live Detroit-style.  Everyone would want to live in Detroit after a while, and be part of the mess.

Yeah, only in America....could something this