Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Dilemma of Global Something

If you ever why I have zero interest in global warming or global's because of Time magazine.

You see, they acted like idiots and put fake news out and then flip-flopped.  Or maybe they put out the right news and then went onto fake the second episode.  You just don't know.

Maybe one of the two is right.  Maybe both are right.  Maybe both are wrong.

So I got to some point where I just have a permanent sense of disbelief.  If some pretender scientist were able to convince Time's wannabe journalists of something fake.....well, why test my trust a second time around?

TV Comedy

It's curious how TV networks work.  Yesterday, it came out that NBC is preparing a cover Hillary Clinton.  The airing date?  Some time in the spring or summer of 2016....two years away.

The gut feeling?  It's kinda like where President Obama wrote a book on himself, then said that was his entire life history, and the media just accepted that.  In this case....the media will say whatever portrayal is done with the the final word.

How many people will watch it?  Well....that's a curious thing.  If they got twenty million Americans to view'd likely be considered a success.  Course, it could be on a night that the Amish Mafia and Duck Dynasty are both on.....with a NBA championship game, and the  next night might be some History Channel special on Moses.  So it could get terribly bad numbers and the news folks would just be standing there with blank looks.

Do we need a mini-series on Hillary?  It's debatable.  If there were one coming out every quarter on some famous political figure of the past hundred years.....maybe.  Having it fall just a few months before the 2016 election?  It's comical in a way.

Will Whitewater be explained?  No.  Will the stock options pay-off be explained?  No.  Out of fifty questions that people would generally be interested to have the complete answer....I doubt if you get more than seven answers.

The Benghazi complete answer?  Yes, you will get the 25-second blitz where something is briefly laid out and then Hillary slides out of the room.  Enough of an answer?  For Hillary enthusiasts?  Yes, it's enough to make them happy.

I hate to suggest it....but this would almost be like one of those 1AM TV commercials that run for 30 minutes and try to sell you the "Juicer".  In this case....some six hour series that promotes someone.  Pretty sad for a democracy, if you ask me.