Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Simply Observations

It's to say what the President was thinking.  He pushed up this idea yesterday of big-name companies paying a simple 28-percent tax (rather than the 35-percent they current are supposed to pay).  Even the manufacture guys would get a deal with a 25-percent tax.  Then he went said something odd.....that small companies ought to pay 39.6-percent on taxes.  Normally, if some dimwit White House staff had handed Bush or Reagan some cards to read off.....they'd read them ahead of time and note the stupidity of some policy that the White House was going to push, and then they'd just refuse to say it.  Why would small business get punished over large business?  It's best not to ask this question.  It might be one of those 16-minute answers that the President occasionally gives.

CNN's Piers Morgan came down to some point in a interview where he asked how we can trust Zimmerman to ever own or handle a gun again?  It's an odd question.  How can we trust Piers to ever properly interview people?  How can we trust Pepsi to properly bottle the soda?  How can we trust nitrate plants to avoid dangerous situations that lead to explosions?  How can we trust the butcher not to mix horse meat in with our regular purchase?  How can we trust Schultz Beer to manufacture the worst beer in America?  How can we trust the Republicans to lie to us?  How we trust the Democrats to screw us?  How can we trust ObamaCare to work?  How can we trust Hooters to hire the right women?  The answer that we basically are endowed with heap of trust, and it just doesn't lessen.  Americans operate with 500-percent trust.....maximum turbo, as we'd say in the south.

Oddly enough, the Oprah Channel now says it's turning a profit.  It's nothing to brag about.....just enough profit margin to be on the positive is better than negative profit.  The change?  Well.....they looked at their mistakes and fixed them....step by step.  They added two comedy shows that appealed to the Oprah viewers.  Out of the woods?'s the problem, they may have hit absolute maximum on the profit scale and not realized it.  More viewers?  Unlikely.  More teens switching over to the Oprah Channel?  Very unlikely.

Finally, this Manning kid on the Army court episode....has avoided the worst of the charges, although most everything else stuck.  Worst case deal now?  Roughly 120 years.  No time off for good behavior.  He'll live and die out of some Army prison now.  Chances of being beat up or such while in prison?  I'm betting they have to assign a full-time guard on the guy.  Most everyone associated with the Army is in agreement on the necessity of punishing the guy.