Thursday, 1 August 2013


Phony scandals?

Phony politics.

Phony economics.

Phony journalism.

Phony airport security.

Phony national budget.

Phony immigration reform.

Phony Republicans.

Phony Democrats.

Phony Tea Party players.

Phony international policy.

Phony sequestration.

Phony racism.

Phony speeches.

Phony TV entertainment.

Phony doctors.

Phony news media experts.

Phony newspapers.

Phony car advertisements.

Phony store sales.

Phony health reports.

Phony global warming.

Phony global cooling.

Phony history shows.

Phony reality shows.

Phony Senators.

Phony 100-percent beef.

Phony beer.

Phony White House press spokesman.

Phony car mileage.

Phony college education.

Phony professors.

Phony TV ministers.

Phony is phony, and after a get used to it.  And then you accept it without any questions.

The Gitmo Story

This  is one of those oddball stories that you simply have to ponder.

The Al-Qaida guys have been watching for a while over the Gitmo business and this recent prison hunger strike episode.

This week, Al-Qaida has finally said that they just might take actions to free their buddies.

The odds?  Well....Cuba is a bit difficult to imagine a number of jihad guys arriving and carrying out some mission.

You'd have to land on the American installation with adequate forces.....probably at least a through base, and somehow get to the prison complex.  All the while.....facing US Marines....armed Marines.

One could imagine a movie script to cover this, but an actual operation?  I'm guessing it'd be mostly unsuccessful, with no prisoner making it to freedom, and a fair number of the Al-Qaida guys dying in the process.  Course, this would scare the administration greatly, and Congress would call for meetings to discuss if it's safe to maintain the current complex.

One can only hope it's all talk, and no real substance.