Friday, 2 August 2013

The Snowden Deal

It would appear the deal with Edward Snowden is set into motion.  He gets a pass of some sorts.....that allows him to travel around Russia.  The expiration?  Well.....based on some newspaper accounts, it's a one-year deal.  What does Russia expect?  He probably has to be somewhat quiet and not draw least unless they tell him to talk.

The Russians will quietly get a fair amount of knowledge over the next year of US operations and how the network apparatus of NSA works.  I doubt if Snowden will grasp he's being interrogated.

The US?  Well....furious.....but they've been on the negative side of Russia for the past four years and I don't see much improving.

The curious part to this whole mess is that Snowden can screw up on any given day, and be part into some Russian prison with flimsy charges.  Putin could acknowledge that there's nothing else to be gained, and just lock the guy up.

So my advice to the'd best enjoy a week or two outside of the airport, and then start looking for somewhere else to hide out.  Maybe Poland, maybe Finland, maybe even Germany.  The longer you stay in Russia.....the more risks that get involved in this whole unplanned mess.