Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Newspapers Aren't the Only Ones Dying Off

It was what you'd expect.

First, NBC came out and said they'd put up a Hillary Clinton mini-series.  The logic for this?  It's hard to say, except whatever they put on the screen will be deemed absolute fact from that point on.  Whether true or not.....people see televised scripting as absolute truth.

Then came CNN.  They were going to put together a theater-like history show, which would actually hit the theaters first, and then be used for CNN's own network.  I admit.....it's an odd business to develop....with zero potential for profit.  But it would appear that they don't care much for the profit side anyway.

So now comes the Republican national leadership.  They've said if both don't back down from this gimmick.....then they get frozen out of the Republican debates, and the final debates of 2016.  No NBC or CNN reporters would be able to run the debates.

As of this morning.....both have indicated they are going full-speed ahead.  They don't believe the Republican threat is a big deal and will not be exercised.  For some odd reason, I think it will be happening.

I'd also ponder upon the idea that a fair segment of society will identify both CNN and NBC as political tools.....more than a television network or news network.  Loss of viewership over the next three years?  Yes.  Both will complain by the spring of 2016 about lack of profits and loss of dedicated viewers.  Both appear to think they can sustain themselves.  In the end....they will both weaken themselves to such an extent.....that a Chinese company can easily waltz in and buy them for a quarter of their current value today.

For some reason, I'd start to put networks into the same category as newspapers and magazines (Time, Newsweek, etc).  They stand a chance of dying off because of public sentiment.