Sunday, 18 August 2013

Book Review: The Mormonizing of America

This week I wrapped up another history book of sorts.  The Mormonizing of America.

Basically, it's a two-star book which has moments of gifted writing, and in-depth history.  Then it runs off into some commentary which really doesn't fit for a history book (more of social commentary or such).

I'd say about fifty pages of the book make for interesting reading.  At one point, you realize the whole religion is bound and in a starting position in the 1830s....because of some idiot traveling through Ohio with a collection of Egyptian mummies and some ancient scrolls.  The collection is bought by the guy who would start the religion, and the scrolls would be part of his contribution to the text of the Mormon religion.

Without the traveling mummy guy, the nifty scrolls, and the amazing interpretation of the scrolls (from a guy who'd likely never beyond beyond the Ohio Valley).....there is no Mormon religion today.  This all says alot about how history is based on fate, and luck.

So, no....I wouldn't recommend the book....unless you are in a state prison or such, or retired, and having ample time to read books like this.