Monday, 19 August 2013

Just Humble Opinions

1.  With all this chatter about Egypt, chaos and cutting funding....we might want to stand back for a second and ponder.  All of our US funding going to Egypt?  The vast sum of funds is there as a deal from President Carter that Egypt remains quiet and stable against Israel.  Israel also gets the same deal of funding.....quietly sit there and trigger no trouble against Egypt.  It's how Carter won his Nobel Peace Prize.  The 'noise' coming out of Egypt?  Simply angry folks who were convinced by event two years ago to toss out Murbarak, and bring on public-supported political parties....which meant the Islamic guys got their foot in the front door.  Things would have gone great if the Islamic guys had prioritized the economy as problem number one, but they weren't that bright.  So we end up with a 3rd-rate news item.....taking up most of CNN's coverage.

2.  The New York Yankees have this problem with this Alex Rodriguez-character.  They were stupid enough to sign a long-term contract, with a guy who was doing enhancement drugs, and felt his value was "X".  Now that all the drug news has come out, and Alex has gone to no enhancement drugs.....they have this worthless player on a contract for four more years, no one to trade him to, and fans discontent with them keeping him on the rooster.  It says a lot about why people have no appreciation for baseball today.  Over the last couple of days....Rodriguez hired a lawyer who does mostly negative talk against targets, making the Yankees and professional baseball the primary target.  I'm guessing he's burning bridges as quickly as possible, some even before he crosses them.  

3.  Finally, some science guy has come out and noted that all these breakfast drinks and energy drinks.....with vast amounts of fruit juice and sugar.....are pretty bad for you.  They'd almost note that they are at the level of badness that we stack against sodas.  

Upcoming TV Series

TV networks over the past fifty years have been in a fit....trying to continually develop new TV series that would grab the viewer and concrete them to that network, for that time-slot.

Over the years, we've been shocked.  Green Acres was developed....set into motion.....and today is considered a rare gem among all the various shows ever produced.

For a couple of brief seasons....Lost was considered one of the most creative shows that the networks ever developed.

The folks who developed and made Bonanza.....were sitting on a gold-mine.  Yeah, half the stories were lousy, but we watched mostly because of Hoss and Little Joe continually getting into trouble, with Ben getting out of trouble.

The Big Bang Theory has taken some unusual characters....blended in a bit of humor...and created a series that people are addicted to and watch reruns over and over.

Over the came out that a developmental project is being pushed around.  It won't be ready this fall for a series, but maybe for next year.  The topic?  A female Secretary of State, trying to stop wars, save humanity, and lecture worldly dimwits.

Yeah, it does sound like a Hillary-TV series.....just in time for the 2015 start-up for the next presidential election.

My humble prediction?  It does so lousy....that it's taken down after seven episodes.  If you had to pick some show with limited appeal....this is it.  But, Green Acres survived on for a while, and did it often with two star scripts.....maybe this show can survive.