Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Fifty-One States?

Ballot-wise, it's there.  The county commission of Weld County, Colorado....has approved a ballot measure for the next election....where the residents of the county will vote on the idea of annexing themselves out of Colorado....into "North Colorado" (yeah, the 51st state).

What we can say for facts: (1) Three other county commissions are close to performing the same approval. (2) An additional three counties are in the discussion stage and will likely reach the approval stage for the ballot measure by the end of the year. (3) The suggested list of the present seven counties...would make up around fifteen percent of the state acreage.

The aggravation?  These counties are all rural in nature, and draw limited power in the state assembly.  Based on the state method of legislation by population....the urban centers of Denver, Colorado Springs, and Gunnison control the majority of accomplishments for the state legislature.  

I would imagine at least five other counties (probably in the far east side of the state) have enough interest in this make it into discussions over the next year.

Here's how the game would run.  The counties would eventually show enough support via the ballot measure to force the state to amend the Constitution.  Whether the state legislature would agree to this or just keep unknown.  If the state did agree, then the measure would go the US Congress and Senate who would have to go through the measure and deem it approved, or stall it.  The President has no authority over the other than making comments, that's about all the President can do.

It's hard to say if this would pass on.  If you open up the door for the 51st add two more senators (likely both Republican)....which some members of the Senate would not be that happy about.  It also opens the door for at least another dozen states where unhappiness reigns, and more folks would like their own state.

If I were a betting man, I'd say it's barely a five-percent chance of happening.  But, it would make for an interesting debate in the Senate, and likely force some people there to stand and ponder over American history....something new perhaps....for them to discuss.


The Professional Association of German Psychiatrists came out in a news report....after a long bit of survey and say that a fair number of people with physical neck pain, back pain, and blood pressure issues, connect back to stress.

It might be stress at work....stress with a relationship....or just plain stress in life itself.

The issue I saw in the study....they wouldn't attach numbers to it, like one out of ten or six out of ten.  They simply said that there people who complain continually about physical issues.....when it's really mental issues.

So it leaves you to ponder this.  Some average guy with a stressful job....complains to his doctor about back issues.  Pains that won't go away.  The doctor will eventually give him some pain medication....later increasing the dosage.  After a while, the guy is noted during an exam with blood pressure the doctor gives him a prescription for blood pressure medication.  The truth?  The guy or his health insurance is paying out a thousand bucks a year....for medications....that might not really be doing anything much.

If it was one out of can imagine the numbers across the nation, and the cost of doing treatment for something that doesn't really require drugs.

Kinda sad in a way.....we might have six million Americans under treatment for something.....only because of stress at work, at school, with the husband or wife, or with their life in general.