Thursday, 22 August 2013


The Bradley Manning case is concluded now....thirty-five years in prison.  He would be sixty upon release....if he doesn't get a pardon somewhere down the line.

No one from the Army will argue over this sentence.  Most would have given him sixty-plus years and he'd never see the light of day.  In this case.....he will emerge around 2048 and find a vastly different world.

The odds of surviving till 2048?  Well, that's another issue.  I'm fairly sure that he will be attacked in the Army prison, and be held mostly in a solitary type situation.  Other than a visit from his close relatives.....he won't find too many folks who agree with his accomplishments.

I suspect if someone had sat down early-on in Army intelligence school and could go to prison for dumping might have made a difference.  Typically, what a GI gets when read onto a a warning that you could be prosecuted.  Prosecution isn't a word to usually equal jail-time.  If you knew you could spend a decade in some stupid prison....for divulging'd likely wise-up and just be smart.  Bradly.....wasn't smart.