Friday, 23 August 2013

Another Rating Story

It wasn't much of an announcement.  The President says he's all pepped up and ready to push forward a national rating system onto public colleges. He says this would be used as a tool, to reward, and punish....colleges by their ratings.  You can sense the comical nature of this episode.

The deal would evaluate colleges on tuition cost, the percentage of low-end income of students, the graduation rate, and the debt of graduates.

What he says.....with the government threatening to take away federal funding....colleges would see the 'incentive' to fix their ratings, and thus look better.

The problem in getting to this solution? have to go through Congress and the Senate.  On a list of the top three hundred problems that either might be willing to tackle and work on.....this rating gimmick is likely around number 362.

How would you track the true debt of graduates?  It'd require another thousand IRS analysts to come to some reliable number.  How would know the percentage of low income students?  Again, another thousand (probably two thousand) IRS analysts....digging into your own private and personal give the government some conclusion.  The graduation rate?  University after university would realize they need to get some dimwit get better they invite class requirements that are easy to achieve, and just grin as the numbers look great.  Tuition cost? just start inventing fees....unrelated to tuition, and get around being noticed for excessive fee cost.

We presently are working with the NCAA rating system, which is supposed to give us the two best football teams in America. This calculated rating?  It's probably the most corrupted ratings system that one could possible create.  No one truly believes that it works as intended.

So this is mostly all a chance for the President to appear in public....give a speech....and get twenty minutes of dedicated time on some Sunday talk show with his 'hocus-pocus-team' in full turbo.  Everyone will stand there....mostly talking woeful chatter about college.....and wondering why people borrow so much money.  The audience?  Well....the vast majority are watching other shows, and the few who do watch this.....kinda wonder if any of the chat folks live in the real world.