Thursday, 29 August 2013

The Year 2100

We are eighty-seven-odd years away from the next century.  For a moment or two....I'll ponder upon the likely things we will see.

1.  I seriously doubt that NBC, CBS, and ABC survive the next eight decades.  Two will likely merge at some point to survive.  I think cable and satellite TV will introduce dozens of options that take down the big-three in the end.  We will all be more demanding in what we watch, and less accepting in trash-TV.

2.  The NFL and college football.....will disappear.  Somewhere around 2030, I expect a state to outlaw high school and college football within their state, because of the continued reporting of serious injuries and brain damage.  The NCAA will find itself engaged in various court actions to defend it's support of the game.  Eventually, with fewer schools participating, and fewer stars coming out onto the field....we will hear one day of the NFL announcing the final year, with less than fifteen teams participating.  It'll be a sad day.

3.  ObamaCare will be left to founder through 2018, with no obvious changes or rebuilds.  By 2020, the news media will be in a fit because they can't really report how bad the mess has become....nor can they get any real attention to Congress to fix it.  Between 2020 and'll be agreed by all parties that it's a dysfunctional care package, and the majority of it's rules and laws will be tossed out.  Around 2050.....some idiot will reappear, and try to introduce the new health care package, and by 2070.....we will agree that it's a failure as well.

4.  Somewhere over the next forty years....a series of hurricanes will run through the Florida coast and over to Texas....all in one year.  The amount of damage will trigger some government response effort that runs near $500 billion.  No one will be able to explain how we will pay for the response, and it'll trigger a massive recession for the nation.

5.  President Ted Cruz will enter office in 2016, and a Latino-era will erupt throughout the nation.  Sadly, the expectation of most leaning toward the Democrats will be proven wrong, and the media will be shocked to find over half the Latino population are right-leaning.  As a least six states by 2025 will find themselves run with Latino leadership.  By 2100, at least four different Latino Presidents will have taken office.

6.  Some school district in Texas by 2025, will discover that statistically....there's no advantage of having teachers around with Masters Degrees.  Rather than throw bonus money or higher pay toward the ones with a Masters Degree.....they will mandate that all teachers will require only a four-year degree.  It'll be challenged to the Supreme Court, but accepted by the Justices.  Over the next fifty years.....more districts will follow with lesser degree requirement.

7.  Google will buy a private university by 2020, and start a on-line Google University program.  Cost?  Less than $6,000 a year.  By 2040, most colleges will offer similar programs and try to compete.  Google's university program will have over one million participants by 2050.

8.  By 2100, at least ten percent of the US population will have an embedded chip, which monitors their health and stress levels.  The information is passed to data-review analysts connected to your health insurance company.

9.  The bio farming industry will have grown to such a degree by 2050.....that twenty percent of all farmers participate in it.  Degrees in bio-farming will be common, and a TV network will be dedicated to showing the various old practices of running a farm.

10.  Global warming, global cooling, and climate 2050.....will be proven as mostly a hoax.  People with environmental or climate degrees....will be standing there in a daze....wondering what the heck they will do for the rest of their lives.

11.  New York City, by 2060, will have started a five-thousand-dollar tax on any gas-powered car approved to operate in the city.  It'll be an effort to limit NYC to strictly battery cars and public transportation.  San Francisco will make the same rule within two years.  By 2080, at least forty US cities will have deemed gas-powered cars as offensive.

12.  After several taxation episodes over the period of 2020 to 2040.....most wealthy California residents will have packed up and left the state.  State officials won't be able to interest any company into starting major operations there, and California reverts itself to the poorest state in the Union by 2060.

13.  None of the current top forty newspapers in America today.....will be printed in paper format as of 2050.  By 2100.....there will not be a single printed newspaper in America.

14.  A fake western city (with the looks of 1870s Cheyenne) will be created by 2040.  Over six hundred fake homes will be part of the city, and be a tourist magnet for couples and families to come and live for a week or two the old-fashioned western style.  News media hosts will come and be shocked at the happy nature of people in these surroundings.  By 2060, a permanent city with the same theme will be created.  More theme cities will follow (Amish 1890s farm cities, London Village of 1920s, and Mayberry 1966).

15.  Most American beer companies will be owned by Chinese multi-millionaires by 2050.  Wal-Mart itself will be bought by a Chinese company by 2060.

16.  Gay marriage enthusiasm will peak out between 2020 and 2030.  Once two states bring up threesome marriages, the general support starts to dip as people ask where the start and stop lines lay.  By 2050, at least three states will allow threesome marriages, while forty states allow for gay marriage.  By 2100, a trend will have started where you sign up for a computerized marriage selection, meet the intended partner five minutes before the ceremony, and society will be shocked that statistically....these bang-bang-marriages are actually very successful.

17.  Medical reports by 2030 will indicate that almost all sodas are bad for you, and several states will try to forbid sodas to anyone under the age of sixteen.  By 2075, most states will forbid sodas to all kids under sixteen.

18.  Plastic forks and knives will deemed as an environmental hazard by 2050, and generally banned in half the states.

19.  By 2100, religious cults will be the norm.  At least half of the US population will be members of some cult.

20.  And by 2100, most Americans will agree, they are unhappy with the political process.....but just can't figure a way to fix it.