Sunday, 1 September 2013

County Fairs

In roughly three weeks, the best county fair in America will occur.  Yeah, I'm a bit partial to small town fairs.

Lawrenceberg runs a simple operation.  There's no troubles....and by the end an evening, you've pretty had four-star day.

Well, are stuffed with greasy food that makes your stomach toss and turn later that evening.  Yeah, the sodium level is 600-percent more than what you ought to consume.  The sugar?  Well,'s best not to even discuss the matter.

These days, if you did go to a state'd run into some rough characters, gang members, or doped-up dimwits.  You'd worry about your safety, your well-being, and your ability to get home in one piece.  The worst that can happen at the Lawrenceberg County Fair?  You might forget where you parked the car and spend an hour hunting for a vehicle.....that wasn't the vehicle you drove in anyway.  Oh, you'd likely stop by Wal-Mart and buy the XXL-container of Pepto-Bismo....gulping it down like it was lemonade.

The thing only comes once a year, and you end the evening feeling like a twelve-year-old kid again.